Bukola: hi handsome, I want to start coming..
Me: (bend my head down in other not to attract attention with my words) OK baby, I can’t wait to see you.
Bukola: me too.. I will call you when I get to your side.
Me: am expecting your call.
Some minutes later, grace was shared. I headed straight to my domicile with mind full of bukola. I got home 1:35pm. I was in the dinning room taking my launch when I received a call from Ttech.
Ttech: rely baba
Me: bro how far. How is Cynthia?
Ttech: she is fine, she just left some minutes ago.
Me: why nah, you promised to bring her over to my place to see her nah.
Ttech: no vex, she said she have to see her uncle immediately. So I had to let her go. Don’t worry when she comes next time… I will bring her over.
Me: OK… So how was her performance?
Ttech: she is not bad though. She likes joystick a lot. She has suck my joystick from black to red.
Me: you no well. She bad reach like that.
Ttech: stay there nah. What about your girl that you told me about.
Me: you mean bukola?
Ttech: yes
Me: she is on her way. I will alart you when she is around.
Ttech: OK bro.
After the call with Ttech. I thought I lost appetite. I couldn’t eat my food anymore. I covered it and took it back to the kitchen. I was still worried why bukola has not gotten to my place at this time. I tried calling her line to check on her but it wasn’t reachable. I was happy to see NEPA light as I was about going inside my bedroom. I have to turn on the TV to keep me company as am waiting for my new [email protected] to arrive. I was watching blackbelt TV channel when my message tone beeped. I checked it, which happened to be from bukola.
Bukola: rely please come outside, am in your street.
I stood up immediately and went outside the gate. I didn’t see anyone in front my gate so I had to trek to the end of the street to know if I can see her. On getting to the peak of the street, I saw a young laddy dressed on red tight and sexy gown which shows off her boobs. I noticed that all the guys around was starring at her, including Laddies if am not mistaken. Immediately I saw the laddy, I thought she might be the one. In other not to embarrass my self, I had to put her on call. No doubt, she was the one.
We both matched to my domicile, I ceased not to Starr at her boobs which was totally exposed. My joystick was already dancing one corner inside my buzzer. I offered her drink which she didn’t reject. She is not that beautiful but well endowed. Her hips was so tremendous. I licked my lips more than five times in a second. I requested to offer her a plate of rice, if possible two plates. She found my statement amazing, at the same time, we both laugh out loud.
I offer her a plate of rice, as she was downsizing the food, I used that opportunity to get to know more about her. She is the second daughter of five. She stay with her friend and a lot more. She made it clear to me that she won’t spent much time with me. “I had to play fast”. I was confused on how to start telling her my intention. I continued gisting with her because I don’t want the atmosphere to look boring.
I was still a bit scared on what her reactions might be if am to unleash my thought to her. I decided to do it in a different and matured way. I started by confessing my love to her, making her some promise. I rested my hand on her two legs as I was busy wowing her. I noticed her silence on my action. So I moved my hand up to her laps in a romantic way, she kept still. Not even a word. I moved closer to her, peck her on her forehead.
Removing cloth at this time is the easiest thing to ever do. She knelt on the center table which push her booty outside. Her [email protected] was positioned in front of my joystick. ( I decided to call the style ” a doggie style on a center table” lol). I Mounted my joystick inside her punny. Her [email protected] was so wet and wide enough. Anyway, that wasn’t my problem.
I started eating bukola on a doggie style on the center table. She was moanin and groaning. I was Jacking in and out without wasting time. After sometime on the doggie style, she sat on the center table, dipped my joystick inside her vocal cavity. She licked me in a professional way. She wasted time on my joystick before lying on the chair to give me one side style. I was bleeping her and at the same time squzzing her boobs. She kept on shouting in different languages. This time, I can see some juice drop down from her [email protected]
She pulled her hand down to her punny, then took it back to her vocal to lick the juice. I pulled my joystick out, dipped it inside her mouth before taking it down to her boobs. I bleeped her boobs for some couple of seconds. The sex lasted for about 15 minutes before I cumed inside her vocal. She swallowed it and lick me off.
I decided to put Ttech on call.
Ttech: how far, has she come
Me: yeah, while not come, so we can see her off together.
Ttech: no problem, hope her performance was cool.
Me: you no well, though she tried sha, but she like sucking d***k.
Ttech: can you describe her for me?
I was about describing her to my master planner when my cell phone battery got drained. I dropped my cell phone on the table, then moved closer to bukola who was wearing only bra. I layed beside her, I didn’t hesitate to pull her boobs out and dipped it inside my mouth why she romanced my joystick in a romantic way.

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