“Flashback ”
Stella dad: she lost her mum when she was just ten. Thank God for her aunty who has been always there for her.
Me: ( look at stella who was busy dipping her spoon inside her ice cream) eyea.. So sorry sir.
Stella dad: that’s OK, Stella told me a lot about you, (paused and took a class of water) that’s why I requested to see you.
Me: thank you sir, is an honor sitting with you.
Stella: (cut in) daddy remember to get me what I told you last night.
Me: (starring at her. What could that be.)
Stella daddy: I promise sweetie. So Mr rely!
Me: sir
Stella dad: you are most welcome in the house, feel free to come in anytime you want.
Me: thank you sir.
Stella dad: so baby, I will be on my way now, do you mind seeing me outside.
Stella and her daddy left me behind in the sitting room. I continued to enjoy my hot jellof rice with moi moi and salad. I nearly finished 2 big chivita juice before Stella comes in. She sat down beside me as we continue with our food. After the meal, she told me to follow her upstairs to unleash her surprise for me. I doesn’t joke with that word “surprise”. I followed her upstairs immediately. Her room is very beautiful and well decorated. Her plasma TV is so big that I started imaging where her dad got all the money to spend on her.
I sat on her bed while she headed to the drawal to bring something. I was confused on what the surprise might be. She brought out infinix hot with the carton .
Stella: since the day you complained about your phone, I was troubled to get you one. So I decided to get you this. Hope you like it?
Me:( stoop up and hold her waist, I pushed her closer to me and kissed her) hope that answered your question?
Stella: definetly.
Me: thanks baby.
After spending sometimes with her, she gave me five thousand naira as i was about going.
The ringing tone of my phone brought me back to reality. I have been thinking all this while. Yesterday event was unable to eraze from my mind. Stella surprised me by getting me a new brand new phone yesterday.
It was Sunday morning, and am already preparing for the arrival of bukola. I have already arranged my room, clean the cowb webs and mob the ground. I dusted all the glasses and hung my new air freshener. My room was looking so nice with different fragrance coming from different directions.
Me: bukola must fall when she enter here, they no born her papa well if she no fall.
I was cleaning my timbar land shoe when my new phone rang, it was Ttech.
Me: bro how far
Ttech: omo that girl done show ooo…she package die.
Me: seriously, is too early nah. Won’t you go to church?
Ttech: Church kee, my own Church nah on top her body.
Me: bad guy, what’s her name?
Ttech: Cynthia
Me: OK ooo… I will let you know when I come back from Church so two of you can come over, so I can see her nah.
Ttech: no problem…
Me: where is she now?
Ttech: she is taking her shower
Me: join her nah
Ttech: I want to go and get one pack of CD now. I want everything ready before she comes out.
Me: bad boi
After the call, I wore my cloth and went to Church. I was in the Church around 11:56pm when bukola called me.
Me: hello bukky
Bukola: hi handsome, I want to start coming..
Me: (bend my head down in other not to attract attention with my words) OK baby, I can’t wait to see you.
Bukola: me too.. I will call you when I get to your side.
Me: am accepting your call.
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