“you have the heart to treat me the way you did, still yet, you have to open your dirty mouth to seek for forgiveness. God will punish you and your family. For your information, never call this line again in your life. I never met you and that’s how it will be. Keep your money, let me keep my life.”
I was busy starring at bukola as she make her call. I never knew who she was talking to. But from the little thing I heard her saying, I can decode that she was talking to her boyfriend. After the call, she requested to take her bath, I directed her towards the bathroom. After giving her what she needed, I returned back in the parlor, I was about sitting down when my eyes glanced on her cell phone which was resting on the center table.
I picked it up just to play with it while waiting for her. Unfortunately, it wasn’t locked. I opened her videos, I saw a lot of porn videos inside. Her gallery was occupied with men joystick. As I was going true her gallery, something triggered me to go through her chats.
I opened her messenger, her friend list was full of guys and about 2,330 was online. I was still surprised seeing this when a message entered. I decided to check who sent the message. It was from a guy called “DANNY BONE”. Just the name alone made me to open the chat. These was what I saw.
Danny bone: are you sure you can handle three.
I got confused, I didn’t hesitate to scroll up to the peak so I can start the conversation right from the beginning. The beginning was more or less introduction, so It didn’t enticed me. I kept on scrolling down until I got to a point that attracted my attention.
Danny bone: thanks baby, I enjoyed the oral.
Bukola: you are welcome honey. You are just too good, I can’t wait to eat your corky any longer.
Danny bone: wow, I love you Jenifer and I can’t wait to squzze you ones more.
Jenifer…! Why is he calling bukola “Jenifer”. What is going on. I closed their conversion to check if I can see another interesting chat between her and another guy. As I was scrolling down her friend list, I saw my master planner’s name ” Ojebisi Olatunji”. I paused for a while. (*** I hope this is not Ttech***). I remembered the new girl he told me that came to visit him today. (*** but her name is Cynthia not bukola***). Without wasting any more time, I decided to open the chat.
Bukola: hello handsome
Olatunji: how are you baby
Bukola: am fine and you?
Olatunji: am good, I must confess, you are a goddess. May I know you?
Bukola: thanks honey, anyway my name is Cynthia and you?
Olatunji: my name is tunji but am popularly known by my friends as Ttech.
I was so flabbergasted, it was downed on me that bukola is fake. I cleaned my face in a surprised manner then continued with the chat.
Bukola: that’s nice, where do you reside?
Ttech: I stay at ***** after Ikeja.
Bukola: I know there, maybe I will come and visit you one of these days so I can see this your handsome face.
Ttech: wow.. No pro…..
I got interrupted with the noise coming from the bathroom side. I minimized the app the clear all the recent apps. I dropped back her phone on the table as she entered the podium. I pretended as if I never touched her phone. I saw the way she rushed and picked her phone up from the center table as if someone wants to steal it away from her. I probably know what was going through her mind.
I needed to contact my master planner to inform him about what was going on. I am out of airtime, I can’t even borrow again, today is Sunday, people selling outside my compound wasn’t available. No means of getting airtime. (*** Ttech you have to come here fast before this girl leave’s. Come to think of it, what’s her motive, why did she have to sex me and tunji at the same day.***). I was even more confused when my phone rang. It was my manager.
Me: hello sir.
Manager: yeah Mr rely, how are you doing?
Me: am much OK sir.
Manager: I need you in the company tomorrow morning. Before 8:30am to be precise.
Me: sir but I am meant to resume by 3:00pm.
Manager: I know, you have something to do for me.
Me: OK sir, I will be there.
After the call, I glanced at bukola who was still busy with her makeup. The more I look at her, the more confuse I become. I guess she noticed the way I was starring at her lately.
Bukola: you have been starring at me since I came out of the bathroom, what is it?
Me: am just admiring your beauty.
Bukola: is that all?
Me: ( is like she has an ideal of my discovery) . yeah, that’s all.
Bukola: OK I will be going now, I have something to do at home.
Me: ( God… Ttech please show face now, I can’t handle this all alone) OK baby, let me get you some money for your Tfare.
As I was making an attempt to go inside, I had a knock on the door.
Me:(*** please let it be my master planner***)
I rushed downstairs immediately to check who was on the door. I was very very happy as I was about to pull the door. My face changed as I saw NEPA people standing in front of my door with NEPA bill on their hands.
What do you think I should do if Ttech didn’t show up in time..?
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