Bad week, bad day, I murmured as I was standing beside my window. It has been three days gone now and Ttech is no where to be found. I was really disturbed. I knew what it meant staying without my master planner. As the case may be, no one knows his whereabout. I have cried a lot, AY and I have searched different places but no trace of him. I had this feeling in me that Ttech is somewhere but I was not certain. I pray nothing bad should happen to him, though it has started happening.
I decided to console my self so I can make a preparation on how to go and collect my certificate in my computer school. I know it not gonna be easy for my madam to give out my certificate after all that transpired between both of us. Though I decided to give it a trial. After my bath, I called AY to let him know about my movement since Ttech wasn’t around.
I got to my school around 10:30am, I greeted those that I still recall their faces. They were not many anyway. I went straight to the notice board where the names of people who will receive their certificate were pasted. I scrolled down in search of my name. Behold my name was in number 10. I felt happiness inside of me. ” yes, atleast I have something to present now”. I went back to engineering room to be all alone. The memories of ngozi flashed back into my medulla. I remembered everything vividly, how all the something light happened. *** I guess I missed her, yeah I do.***
I was about calling AY when a student summoned me that my madam demands my presence in her office. *** how did she know that am around? ***. I stood up and went straight to the office. I set my phone on record in case if something happens, I can easily show off an evidence of truth. I went inside her office, I met her on call. She made a hand sign for me to sit down.
Madam: longest time
Me: yeah, good morning
Madam: I know you gonna think I won’t offer you your certificate.
Me: I thought as much ma.
Madam: why do you come then.
Me: just wanna give it a trial.
Madam: that’s cool, anyway, I can’t hold your certificate, no matter what happens between us.
She was still talking when her daughter ifeoluwa showed up. I was very very surprised on the new development on her body. Her breast has gotten bigger, she grew taller and more beautiful. I guess she was flabbergasted on seen me. I stood up and we hugged each other in my madams presence. My madam was busy starring at me as her daughter boobs was pressing on my chest. I can feel the thickness of her bra. “Dam, is my joystick rising”.
Madam: that’s OK
Ifeoluwa:(smiling) rely where have y…
Madam: (cut in) ife get me card down stairs.
Me: (starring at my madam)
Madam: so you haven’t change.
Me: change, I think I have.
Madam: can we get dinner together tonight?
Me: I would have love it but no
Madam: why.
Me:that’s my resting time, I have to rest after the hectic hours in the company.
Madam: don’t worry, I will come and pick you up in your house.
After the conversion with my madam, which took almost 2hr 30minuts. I decided to go home, she gave me my certificate and I left. I met ifeoluwa on the staircase, I guess she was waiting for me. We exchanged our Mobile number and she promised to call me. We hugged each other as I was about to leave her.
I got home exactly 2:15pm. I was warming my food why my phone rang, it was blessing from my company. I have helped her secure job in my department. She is now among those who produce cream. We have been close this pass days. We call and chat regularly. After her call I continued with what I was doing when another call entered.
It was the same number Bblondon used to call me. Definitely, I already know she was the one.
Me: hello Bb
Bblondon: how are you baby
Me: am not your baby
Bblondon: anyway, I called to remind of tomorrow. Don’t forget to visit me.
After the call, I started thinking of what her intention was all about this time. I couldn’t draw anything meaningful so I decided to stop thinking. After eating, I dield Ttech number to know whether it will connect but it wasn’t connecting. I decided to use the airtime and put Stella on call.
Me: hello sweetie
Stella: my baby, how are you?
Me: am good honey. So are you still coming?
Stella: am already on my way.
Me: are you with your car or public transport?
Stella: how do you expect me to enter public transport. Am with my car baby.
Me: ok, I will be expecting you.
After the call, I prepared my self for work. I got to the company around 3:15pm. Am 15minutes late, thankGod my manager was not around yet. I went inside and found our department door, where we produce cream open. I badged inside and found blessing all alone inside changing her cloth to start work. I stood beside the door to watch her cleavages. He curves was really attractive, her light skin made it unbearable for me. Her red bra wasn’t covering her boobs very well. I looked down my trouser, my joystick has already drawn vertical line inside. “Dam, what’s next”. I hit my hand on one of the table as I was coming inside to draw her attention, while she turned back in a surprised manner, giving me all the clear view of her boobs and [email protected]

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