Elizabeth: rely what are you doing…
Me:( drew my joystick inside immediately) nothing…
I guessed she didn’t see what I was carrying out and executing because of the compactness of the table and I.
Elizabeth: do you mind for for a dance?
Me: ( i looked at her mini skirt that almost avowed her pant, and her boosted, elevated,uplifted and hoisted boobs. I felt I must be the most futile human on earth to abhor her request.) With immediate alacrity, I stood up and held her hand for a dance. She turned over, allocate her backyard on my joystick. She start rolling her waist on mine. I grabbed her booty and gave her serious and fantastic ONE CORNER DANCE. She was such a bad sexy dancer. She drilled me to the core with her dance steps. I wasnt even thinking of taking a bow. I kept on rocking and rocking. I realized she always push all her body to me. The way she dance and romance my body, I guess she has taken a bow from the physical reigm. I made used of the connection and contingency to romance her butt. She never ulter a word as I slightly squeeze her butt. I was afraid to reconnect my hand to her boobs. I don’t want anything to obstruct the atmosphere at that particular point in time, so I had to slutter the intention of reaching out to her boobs. About some minutes into the dance, I guess she needed some liquor to step down. She turned the bottle of red wine on my table into the cup but unfortunately, I have down sized all the wine. She excused her self to get some win from the kitchen. I waited for her in the dancing floor. I was active and busy as a beaver searching for the three friends of Elizabeth but they are no where to be found. I was dancing and grooving to the dance alone and at the same time waiting for Elizabeth to come out. I waited for about five minutes but she didn’t come out. I got worried. I decided to go and check on her, I traced the kitchen entrance, on getting to the kitchen, I saw Elizabeth sitting on the washing pan with her pant striped down her two legs and her eyes closed. She dipped her hand inside her [email protected], she was spooning her self with her hand. She didn’t notice my presence because of the noise and level of orgasm she has attained. Her hand was already soaked with juice from her [email protected] I looked down to her exposed [email protected], I became honey immediately. I was confused on how to call her attention and let her be conscious of my presence. I decided to call her name, to bring her back from the spiritual world.
Me: Lizzy!
Me: Lizzy!!
Elizabeth: yeeeh rely am sorry, I don’t mean….
Me:( interrupted) sorry kee, you don’t need to be sorry, is good.
I walk closer to her, look straight into her eyes for some seconds, before telling her how beautiful she was. The konji was killing me but I was confused on how to start the operation. I moved my hand to her backyard and squeezed it a little and she left out a moan. I jacked her hips over and opened her legs wider to give me an unhindered flooding [email protected] I pulled my trouser and at the same time my buzzers down. I mounted my joystick inside and she groaned, i spooned her in and out. I removed her tiny gown, unbuttoned her bra, then gave her the suck of her life. I lifted her up and placed her on the kitchen counter. I squatted down and knelt between her legs and proceed to eat her out. I was groaning and moaning in a very short time, I nearly forgot my best style “doggie” because of the palatableness and sugariness of her [email protected] I dragged her up, bent her down on her kneel and her hand also on ground to position like a crawling babe so I can have a good and balance penatration. I started eating her on doggie style and we are both moaning, shouting and groaning at the same time. A few minutes on the doggie style, she turned and lay with her back on the floor, I climbed on top her while she wrapped her legs across my waist.i dipped my monster joystick inside her punny, I was bleeping in and out as i was not ready to stop because I was earning and capturing what I want. In no time, I started shaking and panting, I guess she knew that am already at the peak of cuming. She quickly stoop on her kneel, placed my equipment inside her vocal cavity, she licked and sucked it before I released a massive cum on her mouth. She swallowed it and dry my joystick with her tongue. We sat naked on the floor for about 7 minutes to rest after which I helped her to dress up. She picked her shoes and wore them, the gave me a kiss and asked me if I will mind to join her in the room where her friends is.
Me:(*** another heavy one corner ***) I grabbed her waist from the back as we head straight to the room.


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