I grabbed her waist from the back as we head straight to the room.
I spotted the three girls as we barge in. Though I was a bit flabbergasted because I haven’t seen them since we blow in to the party. Elizabeth called their attention to the place we sat. We met only the three girls in the room. I was wondering what they were doing all alone in the room why party was rolling. We all sat on a circle manner round a table. Everyone with his or her drink.they introduced their self to me. The one who happens to be the owner of the was STELLA. We gisted and laugh together until we all started talking about sex. I brake the news and disclose to them that I can handle more than three girls at a time.though I haven’t try it before. All of them seems astonished. They wore this look of “is a lie, you can’t do it”. I asked them to bet on it, which Stella staked 10 thousand naira if I can handle four of them. Without blowing my trumpet, I asked them to pull over. Stella was the first to undress her self. Her shape was tremendous. The other girls including elizabeth has already eliminate their pant. Stella grabbed my joystick, dipped it inside her vocal cavity while one of the girls stationed her own cavity on my two balls underneath my joystick. Elizabeth positioned her mouth on mine to give me a remarkable kiss while the remaining girl sucked my two niples.
Not quite long into the action, I nearly lost my breath. Stella was given me blow job as if I was her husband. I grabbed Stella abdomen, fixed her booty in a doggie idiosyncracy to have a full view of her wet [email protected] I mouted my joyst!ck inside her [email protected] I started to eat her off. I spooned her while she was groaning and shouting. Elizabeth was busy slapping Stella A$$ as i was bleeping her. I saw one sitting on the table, she was busy pressing her boobs and [email protected] getting ready for her turn. I withdrew my joystick from Stella’s [email protected], placed it on elizabeth cavity to lick off the juice. She stroke her head down to the lower part of my shaft, her head was bobbling up and down on my joystick. I slapped her butt0kz as she was licking out the juice. I removed my joystick from elizabeths mouth and placed it on one of the girls boobs who has already positioned her self. She rapped my joystick with her boobs while I started going up and down. Four of them received their turn one after the other. I was on Stellas [email protected] when I started grunting, then moaning. I knew they all understood that I was about to cum. Four of them knelt in front of me while I releaseed the massive cum on their faces. They dried my joystick by licking it, at the same time, I was very weak. I slumped on the floor and they both lay down and rest their head on my body. Stella was still romancing my joystick when I dozed off.
I checked my time, it was already 9:05pm. I noticed that the girls was still sleeping beside me. I stood up, still naked. I opened the door a little bit and glanced at the party hall, I noticed that the party was still going on. I went back to wake the girls. I helped elizabeth and Stella to dress up while the other two girls helped their selves.
We headed straight to the dancing hall where everyone was. It seems the girls was still tired except Stella. As others was looking for a space to settle down, Stella asked for a dance which I didn’t brush off. Me and stella started dancing, though I wasn’t moving my body that much because she has been the one romancing my joystick with her butt0kz. She requested to know my name. I was surprised because I thought she had my name when we introduce our self. I told her anyway. She told me about her self, how reach her daddy was. How she happens to be the only daughter. I taught is an opportunity for me to generate a revenue from her. We became a friend instantly and exchanged numbers. I went inside the kitchen to get a bottle of wine. I helped her to pour hers on her cup as we moved on with our dance and conversation.
Around 11:00 pm, Elizabeth called for our attention that she has to go home and take a chill pill probably because of work tomorrow. We all agreed to go home and call it a day.
As we popped inside Stella’s car, I reminded her of my 10 thousand naira which she claim to have forgotten. She picked her purse and withdrew some money out of the bunch. She handed it over to me. After counting it, I realized it was 15 thousand instead of 10 thousand. I had to return 5 thousand to her but she asked me to hold it. We droped the other two girls to their destination, remaining Elizabeth, Stella and I .
Not less than 30 minutes later, we arrived at Elizabeths gate. She give me a kiss before highlighting from the car while Stella offers to drive me home.


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