My attention was fully directed towards my teacher. I have to do very well in other to be selected among those who will go for IT. I fully knew that whether I perform well or not I will be selected due to my closeness to my madam.
After the class, I had to finish up my CV so I can go and summit it before 4:00pm. I was still busy with my CV when ifeoluwa my madams daughter drew my attention.
Ife: good afternoon Mr rely.
Me: how are you ife mi
Ife: am not fine, you refused to pick my call yesterday.
Me:( I remembered she called me when I was inside Dom G car yesterday) am really sorry dear, I was busy that’s why.
Ife: I wanted to invite you over to my place, I was alone and lonely. So I needed someone to play with.
Me:( play with? My joystick started warming up, I had to say some prayers inside me to kill the evil thought) eyaa am sorry dear, maybe next time.
Ife: OK promise
Me: yes promise..
Ife: so what are you busy doing on the computer….
Me and ifeoluwa seems to be getting along with each other but I was afraid of two things. I was afraid that my madam might misunderstand my casual relationship with her daughter and I was also afraid that the relationship might go out of hand which might take me back to sin. We both chat, play and laugh together till around 2:15pm when i told her that I had to go and summit my CV. Though she requested to follow me but I didn’t allow her.
She gave me a long hug without minding what will happen if her mommy eventually comes out. I felt her thick bra pressing my chest. I couldn’t hold my joystick as it keeps on rising. I had to hide it from her. After the hug, we waved at each other and I promised to put her on call before dawn.
I headed to the bus stop immediately. I entered one old danfu bus which took me to the company after Ikeja along. I met one young lady as I stepped into the compound. I asked her if she works in the company which she said yes. I made my intention known to her. She took me to her boss immediately.
Me: (prostrating) good afternoon sir.
Boss: how may I help you young man
Me: I came because of the vacancy on the company notice board.
Boss: are you with your curriculum vital (CV)
Me: yes.
I handed my well designed CV to him. I was given a list of products which the company produces. I saw many products and there times such as cream, soap, detergent, biscuit, pure water and so on. But the one that attracted my attention was cream with the 3:00pm. It goes exertly with my closing time in school. I marked cream signifying what i want. I returned the list to them and I was asked to go home and expect a call from the company.
I went back home, tired and hungry. There was no already cooked food to eat.i Called Abimbola to check on her.
Me: hello Bae
Abimbola: hey sweetheart.. Are you back?
Me: yes, am just coming back now. Am really hungry..
Abimbola: eyaa, OK hold on for 15minuts let me prepare noodles for you.
Me: thanks baby, I can’t wait.
I ended the call, then lay on my bed to wait for Abimbola. Many things was going into my mind as I was idle. I remembered that I promised to visit Dom G today. I know he will soon call me. I was still confused on how AY gets to know about my way about yesterday. I decided to call Ttech and ask him..
Ttech: ore mi kilonshele gan gan.
Me: kosi nkonko to shele. Am just coming back from the company now. I summited my CV and they said they will call me back.
Ttech: nice one.. Just be waiting for their call.
Me: Ttech, shebe you no say AY call me yesterday after your call. He was warning me to come back home, as if we planed with him.
Ttech: lol, after calling you. I had this feeling that, only that my call won’t convince Dom G, so I had to call AY and plan everything with him.
Me: bad ass boi, nah only bad bad thing full your head.
Ttech: nah you bad pass me ooo. How is Abimbola nah.
Me: she will soon reach my place gan..
Ttech: bad boy, no go die on top Abimbola abeg oo
Me: you know am not like that again.. I don’t do such again. I have giving my life to God and that’s what I want you to do.
My call card finished as we were talking. I dropped my phone on the bed, entered my bathroom to shower. Water was dropping on my head when I had Abimbola voice calling my name.
Abimbola: baby where are you?
Me: am in the bathroom, I will join you in no time sweetie.
I was enjoying the shower when Abimbola opened the door and enrolled her self inside. I turned immediately, I saw her dressed on white transparent top which shows of her red bra, at this point in time, my joystick was already hard.


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