Resort Cortina – Chic And Shine Of the Dolomites

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So where is Cortina Italy ski resort? Cortina d’Ampezzo is a small pretty town in the Dolomites. This place was supposed to host the 1944 Olympic Games, which had to be canceled because of the beginning of World War II. However, the Olympic glory still once overtook this town: in 1956 it hosted the Winter Olympics. By the way, it was in this Olympics that the Soviet Union’s team first took part, which previously had no access to such global competitions.


So Cortina ski resort is the place with a history of winter sports. This fact explains the unrivaled quality of local trails and the spirit of competition, which reigns here all year. Every year, ski lovers and professional athletes flock to Cortina Italy ski resort​ and spend there many time, training or just chilling. Landscapes, which are opened here to the sight of tourists , inspire  a spiritual rest, but at the same time they are energizing for the accomplishment of new feats and work on oneself.


Since then, Cortina valley ski resort is considered one of the best resorts in the region: there is more than 140 km of ski slopes of different difficulty levels, but most of them are “red” with a difference of altitudes of up to 3000 m so that local slopes will please experienced athletes. Beginners also have where to ride: not far from the town of Sokriles there are excellent gentle and long descents with very comfortable modern cable cars.


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Despite the fact that Cortina d’Ampezzo is an excellent ski resort, people come here not only for this. It is even said that two out of three tourists coming here never get on skis or snowboards.


The resort is full of luxury and aristocracy spirit. There are a lot of chic restaurants, bars, nightclubs, and there is where to “walk” not only the ski suit from the last collection but also the best evening dress. On the main shopping avenue of the city (rather compact, incidentally) there are fashionable boutiques, perfume shops, jewelry shops, as well as antique and art salons.


Over 70 hotels have been built on the territory of the resort, and most of them are luxury. One of the most interesting is the hotel Ambra Cortina 4 *. It is located 50 m from the promenade and 150 m from the ski slopes (there is a free bus to get there), surrounded by restaurants and shops.


Externally, the hotel is decorated in a classic style, in warm colors, and interior solutions represent the best experience of design hotels. You can see a very beautiful view of the ancient bell tower of the ski resort from the windows. Regular guests call this hotel “The Pearl of the Italian Alps”, and every year the hotel confirms this reputation. Ambra Cortina 4 * is part of the group “Best of the Alps” and is one of the 12 most prestigious and equipped hotels in the Alps.


There are themed design rooms at your service, especially the Alpine style suites with wooden balconies. Interiors of the rooms can be viewed on the site. Each room is equipped with a spacious bathroom with luxury toiletries, a TV, a minibar and free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.

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Breakfast is served every morning, including a sweet table, a picturesque terrace and free parking for those who travel by car. To ensure that guests can relax after a day of skiing, the hotel has an Italian restaurant, a bar, and a cozy fireplace room where you can relax with a glass of excellent Prosecco.


This place best reflects the essence of the Cortina d’Ampezzo ski​​ resort – rest in a measured, aristocratic style, where you can stop the happiest moments and spend eternity in them.

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