How To Regain Access To Your Hacked Facebook Account

Its intimidating how someone will log you out of your Facebook account for any reason, some will as well ask your friends for airtime. Recently, Facebook account hack has been the new trend, aside Facebook, other social network accounts are not safe at all as hackers are all around seeking more accounts to hack all for various reasons ranging from spamming, adding members to groups, scamming and the most embarrassing is asking your friends for Airtime (recharge cards). Lately, even Facebook CEO Mark got his Instagram account hacked, for this reason, you should take the security of your account vital.

Mostly the so popular means to get hacked in these present days is phishing. Phishing is when you receive an SMS or email from a malicious source (claiming to be Facebook) providing a URL which when clicked, prompts you to supply your Facebook credentials. Also using the same password for multiple online accounts could be another cause.

How to Know That Your Facebook Account has Been Hacked

Normally, most hackers change passwords of the accounts so you will be unable to login to your account using your original login details, though some hackers allow you login as they use your account with you, this way, you might not be able to detect the hack on time, but once you start seeing unusual messages / posts by your account and even on groups, check your account.


How to Regain Access to Your Facebook Account

  • Firstly when you notice any strange activity on your Facebook account, quickly change the password to your email account
  • For strange posts of your wall, it is possible that some strange apps which you gave access to your Facebook account are responsible for this action. Navigate to Settings > Apps and delete any strange App, Website or Plugin on the list
  • If the hacker has locked you out of your account, try using the Forgot password link on the login page to regain access.
  • For the reason that you and the hacker are being in a tug of war, the password reset code feature gets temporarily disabled, what next can you do? Check around for a link prompting you to temporarily lock your account if you think it has been hacked. You will need to answer your security question correctly to proceed with account recovery

I got Hacked Shortly After I Regained Access to my Facebook Account. How Manage?

The most possible means hackers use to re-hijack your Facebook account is by adding their email address in the General Account Settings > Account after the first hack. This way, the hacker can regain access to your account via the reset password option, therefore it then is necessary to check for strange email addresses and remove them after retrieval of your account. Remember, it is also necessary to change your email account’s password.

If you are still having issues retrieving your Facebook account, please kindly let us know using the comment box, and we will be glad to help you out.



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