Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 4

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☆☆In other not to quite my game because I want to check time, I had to drew my status bar down and it was already 7:45pm and the girl was still echoing in an unpleasant manner.

I had to ignore them and focus on how to solve my predicament. I was carried away with my game when someone taped me on my shoulder.

 rely baba

Me: you done kill her finish abi?

Ttech: normal thing nah, weting you expect

Me: where is she?

Ttech: she still dey were her bra

Me: omo but that girl boobi big ooo

Ttech: yes nah, but she no too get A$$

 forget A$$ jor, before I go even sU-Ck that boobs finish eeehn, sleep done carry me on top the boobi, I go done forget say A$$ dey.

Ttech: go sU-Ck Abimbola own..

Me: u no well

Ttech: you scared me when you said there is problem, weting happen.

Me: let’s see your babe off first

 see who off, you done dey mad. I will give her transport fee and discharge her.

 you will never change..

Ttech: who change help. Two minutes later, three of us headed straight to the gate, where Ttech called for a bike man to take her home. After her departure, we both entered inside to discuss.

 so what happen

 do you still remember BBLONDON?

Ttech: why not, recharge card girl.

Me: good! Do you still remember how you asked me to chase her away that particular night.

Ttech: what happen?

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Me: just answer me because you are the cause of all these problems now.

 OK, I remembered. What really happen?

Me: one number called me a day before yesterday, saying she was BBLONDON, that I should check my Facebook messages, immediately I opened my messages, I nearly faint because of what I saw.

Ttech: what did you see?

Me: I saw our unclad images but her face was clearly cut off and my face and J0yst!ck was clearly shown. Not only that, she went on telling me that she will send all the images to the internet, social medias and also make some print out and send it to my uncles and relatives unless I abide to her conditions.

 (in surprised mood) ori mi oo, God, rely this is every bad news, if she execute this act, you own done finish.

Me: shey u see what you cause.

Ttech: but I was only helping nah, I don’t want her to eat your money and run.

 helping you said eeeh? And now my life is a stake.

Ttech: rely see eeeh, this is not time for blame. Let’s find a solution.

Me: that’s why I called you, the same way you gave me the advise to drive her out, you have to give me another advise to bring me out of this mess.

Ttech: so what did she say is her conditions?

Me: she haven’t said anything yet because I haven’t had anything from her since that last call. I have been trying to reach her since then but the number was switched off.


 try the number now!

 I said is switched off.

 try it now..

Me:( open my security pattern and dialed the number) is still switched off.

Ttech: OK, we have to wait for her to call and tell us her conditions so we can know the next step to take.

Me: OK, I taught as much though. Ttech: no fear, nothing go happen. She no fit do anything. I no her type.

Me: bro, I dey fear ooo, nah my life we dey talk about ooo

 nothing go happen. How far you computer registration stuff, tomorrow is Monday, hope you go still go register.

 ofcours, I will go, but that will be around 10am

After a brief conversation between both of us on how Ttech met her babe , we decided to have a stroll down the street. We was about getting to the peak of the street when my phone rang, I brought it out to check the caller, it was unknown number, I decided to pick it to know who the caller is.


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