Me And Abimbola – Season 2 Episode 3

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☆☆Ater 1 hour of thinking and questioning my self, I decided to call Ttech who will always have a plan. I searched for Ttech number on my phone.

 hello tunji

 bro thank god you called. Please I wan make you help me do something now

Me: what is it? Ttech: there is this new chick available now, but I no wan take her to my place.

Me: what do you want me to do for you?

 Abeg help me arrange your room, I wan bring her come your place now

 u no well, so my house done turn to
CHANNEL 5 abi.

Ttech: no nah, Abeg

 my uncle is around

 aaagh(shout), rely this is 6:15pm and your uncle can’t be around by now until 10-11 pm. Why you dey lie nah? OK please

 OK I done hear, dey come.

 nice one bro. Weting happen? Your voice no too clear. Is there any problem?

Me: Ttech, there is problem ooo. When you come first.

 OK nah, make sure you spray perfume in that your room ooo, I don’t like the ordur of that room that always smell like mortuary.

Me: u no well
Within 30 minutes, Ttech arrived my house with one yellow damsel. On her look, one can easily tell that she is well older than Ttech. Tunji introduce her to me as his girlfriend, one and only, sweetheart and so on. I already no that the essence of those name is to wow the girl so he can bleep her. After the introduction, I remained in the parlor while Ttech and his baby walk straight to the room. I picked my phone and dialed AY number.


AY: blood me how far

Me: I dey bro, where you dey

 I dey shasha, I told you yesterday that I will go and see funke.

Me: you and funke sha. Anyway, I wan make you help me open another Facebook account.

AY: shey now?

I was about answering AY when Ttech ran out of the room putting on only buzzers.

Me: AY I go call you back.

Me: (hang up on AY ) guy weting happen nah, why you dress like this nah.

 where is your condom? I have been looking for it

 (laugh out loud) check my wallet inside the Waldrop, open it, you will see condom inside.

Ttech: (excited) bad boy…

I picked my phone which was resting on my laps and open my FIFA 14 to while away time… Not less than 5minutes that Ttech left the parlor in a hurrible manner, I started hearing some echo of m0an.. (Aaagh, aaauch, ooh my god…).. The m0an started increasing so seriously that my J0yst!ck started reacting to the sound.. But what is Ttech doing with her that is making her sound in this horrible manner. Well that’s not my business now, I have to find a solution to my predicament…

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