Me And Abimbola Episode 6

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I was still putting the noodles in hot water when I heard a nock on the door… I open the door and found out it was my nigga Tunji( Ttech). We shake hand together and I whyn him as usual by calling his name three time (Ttech baba.. Ttech baba…Ttech baba… How far nah..
Ttech: bro no lele
Me: this one you just came without telling me you are coming
Ttech: I came to see someone around so I decided to greet my blood
Me: you try bro
Ttech: weting you get for house because am f—–g hungry
Me: I want to cook 2 noodle to eat but since you are here I will make it 5.
Ttech: oya do fast Mr chef
I enter kitchen to finish my noodles. Like about 5 minutes later, I came out with a plate full of indomie noodle.
Ttech : that’s my boy, you get sence small
Me: you no well
Ttech: Rely! This indomie is much ooo.
Me: oloshi, no be you say hunger they wire you
Ttech: bomb dey your head, nah me you dey call oloshi.
Me: Ttech guess what!
Ttech: you done give blessing belle
Me: you no well
Ttech: then what happen
Me: you still remember BBLONDON
Ttech: that recharge card girl?
Me: yes, she is the one
Ttech: what about her?
Me: she wants to visit me on Wednesday
Ttech: (with surprise face) how? You told me the other time that she traveled to Ghana
Me : yes, she said they just came back last week
Ttech: omo see enjoyment, this one nah correct free k—y cat. That girl set ooo. Her k—y cat go still dey tight die.
Me: before nko
Ttech: this is your opportunity to collect all the recharge card you have been sending to her. That girl is wicked.
Me: how nah?
Ttech: upon all the card you wasted on her, she didn’t release k—y cat for you to spoon
Me: bro nah true you talk. She no be better girl.
Ttech: but you be mumu, shey you know
Me: you no well, how nah?
Ttech: every time she request for card, you must send it to her, you can’t even form a story to tell her
Me: nah true sha, I mumu for that side but e no go happen again
We gist over BBLONDON issue for like 20 minutes later when we decide to play PES with my apple laptop. We ended the game around 6:30 pm when Ttech told me he want to be going home. I accompany him to the bus stop where he will enter bus. On my way coming back I saw one fine lady like that, with my physical observation I know quite alright that she is My senior but konji didn’t allow me because the lady asset is too much. The curve of her A$$ is like that of infinity car, by that time my d!ck is already strong like iron. Immediately I realize that am in public place, I have to use my hand and hold my trouser so my J0yst!ck won’t show. I started thinking on how to meet her and talk to her when my phone rang and I checked it, it was unknown number.
I didn’t pick it until the third one and I decided to pick it.
Me: hello, who is this please?
Caller: (with sweet voice) is me BBLONDON
Me: (shock, my d!ck rise immediately)


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