ME AND ABIMBOLA episode 17


Bb: rely can’t you wait when we get home?
Me: ***my J0yst!ck perform Chinese get up***
I managed to compose my self until will get home. She decided to take her bath first which I joined her inside the bathroom. Water was dropping on our head while we kept on stirring at each other. I decided to start the action by holding her A$$. I sq££zed her booty before I decided to lock my mouth with her own. We kissed passionately until we are highly in spirit. She started romancing my J0yst!ck while I was busy playing with her k—y cat. I turned one big bucket inside the bathroom upside down and sat on it in other for my erected J0yst!ck to stand well for easy sU-Cking and romancing. Bb was busy throwing my J0yst!ck in and out of her mouth for about 4 minutes before she decided to give me SAT ON D!CK D—-E STYLE.
I was m0an!ng on high tempo because she was really digging it very well. 5minus later, we decided to change style. I was confused on another style to ride her before Bb placed her hand on the WC and shoot her A$$ backward. I slapped her A$$ three time before mouthing my J0yst!ck inside her poonny. I bleep her in and out while she kept on m0an!ng. After that style, we dress back to the shower and put it on. Water was dropping on our head before Bb went on her Neal’s to give me blow job. She s—-d me as if that was her last day on earth. After the sU-Cking, we raise our body and headed straight to the room for another round. On get there, Bb push me on the bed and sU-Ck my d!ck before giving me woman onto style, Bb was going up and down on my J0yst!ck until I was about to c-m. She carried her two boobs up and I c-m on it. She robbed it all over her boobs and sU-Ck my J0yst!ck again to dry me.
I fell on the bed and I was about saying thank you to Bb before she started the conversation.
Bb: thank you love
Me: ***oloshi, so you really enjoyed it*** anything for you baby
Bb: so what about tomorrow
Me: no problem, first thing tomorrow morning I will go to the back and withdraw some money for you.
Bb: OK love ( turns and give me kiss)
I remembered what Ttech told me concerning giving her T.fare or any money. I kept quiet for some minutes (***but if I didn’t give her this money, how will she go back. This is wickedness if I didn’t give her any money. But how will I give her 5000 naira. No it not possible after all am not the only one eating her egusi soup.***) I was still thinking when I had a tap on my hand.
Bb: goodnight love
Me: OK love, goodnight (*** moved closer and give her peck on her fore head***)
Rely wake up is already 7am. I managed to open my eyes to check who is calling. Who again if not Bblondon. I entered into the bathroom, brush my mouth and wash my face. I told Bb that am off to the bank which she replied me to be fast. I went outside and wave hand for a bike man to take me to Ttech house for another plan on how to discharge Bblondon…

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