6 Signs You Are Wearing A Wrong Bra

Apparently, a lady’s dressing starts from the inside to the outside, and finding a bra that is fitting boosts a woman’s confidence.

Most women today wear bras that are not their sizes, and you should feel comfortable when wearing a bra, you shouldn’t be pushing and pulling it.

Naturally, a bra is supposed to bring out the plumpness, firmness and fullness of the upper shape and ensures your assets look their very best.

Here are signs to know you are wearing a wrong bra.

1. Your straps keeps slipping: If your straps keep slipping even after you adjust them, they aren’t being supportive and you should try going down a band size.

2. Your bra cups are large: When your bra cup is too big, it will not be firm. Go for a smaller cup size.

3. Your bra is on the last hook: Your bra shouldn’t be on the last hook, it makes you feel uncomfortable but feel most comfortable on the middle hook.

4. Your cup size is too small: The cups should be on your rib cage. If there is any space between your bras cups, then you need a bigger bra.

5. Your bra is squeezes your skin: If your bra is too tight and it is squeezing your skin, then you need to get a bigger size.

6.Your band is on your back: When your bra is on, it should be across your back and should be fit. But if it is above your back almost on your back bone, then you need to get a better size.

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