5 Tips To Getting The WristWatch That Suits Your Sense Of Style

Watches are one of the most grossly understated fashion pieces. They add a bit of urgency to your dressing and help to distinguish your sense of style. There are however different watches that suit different dress appearances. They range from military styles to the ones used for underwater diving. Determining the kind of watch to buy and wear for years can be a tough bet. But like the clothes you wear, the way your wrist watches fit is important in how good you look.

Here are five tips regarding the different types of watches and the watch sisze that will best suit your wrist.

What if I Can’t Afford An Expensive Watch?
Have no worries. A lot of good and cheap wristwatches abound that would make you have money to spend on other fashion materials.

What Does Millimeters Mean?
A millimeter measurement on a watch refers to the diameter of the face of the wristwatch. Most watches fall within the 30mm to 55 millimeters range. Watches that fall within the 60 mm diameter range are best for muscular people. In the 1950’s and 1960’s, men watches typically had a diameter of between 30 to 40 mm which happens to be the typical range for an average man today.

What Watch Would Look Best On A Classic Guy?

Are you the type of person that enjoys wearing clothes that have been around since the middle of the 21st century, then you should probably choose a watch that goes along with the time. Watches that have been along for as much as 20 years such as the Rolex Submariner should be your first choice. This wristwatches are vintage styled and are less expensive than the typical modern day wristwatches.

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I’m An Athlete, What Kind Of Wrist Watch Should I wear?

apple wristwatch
A lot of athletes tend to prefer not wearing wristwatches and instead go for wristbands. If you’re however someone that is seriously considering timing your workouts and exercises, you may want to consider letting go of those wristbands and go for time pieces. In this case, the Apple Watch comes in as the best option in terms of what it makes available to you and it’s stylish exterior. Rubber wristbands would go well if you’re the type that use tailored sweatpants during workouts. In all be sure to choose the right size for your wrist.

I Have A Weird Fashion sense, Is There A Watch Out There For Me?

weird wrist watch
A lot of fashion that traverse the runway have a weird tone to it and you may want to consider picking from an array of low priced watches available from there. You can pair these wristwatches with your looks at any particular time. Black leather wrist watch bands can best suit crazy jeans worn on cream coloured boots. Watches that have a more futuristic appearance are also ideal for your looks and they can go well with graphic tee-shirts and sneakers.

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