Yo Gotti – Change LYRICS

Never changed, I never changed
I never changed, I never
Sun and the rain, nigga I never changed
We talkin’ change, chains, or change nigga what’s up
I never changed
I know about all three

–Hook – Lil Bibby:–
With the money and the fame, through the sun and the rain
Nigga I never changed
They tell me that it’s all a game
Camera in my face, young nigga it’s still the same
I never changed, I never, I never changed
I never changed, I never changed, I never changed

–Verse 1 – Yo Gotti:–
I seen OGs turned to haters
Lost respect I had for ’em off of paper
If money change niggas, why I still 100?
I ain’t runnin’ from no problem, if you want it run it
Dr. Dre beats, street shits in my headphones
Nigga if you a rat you dead wrong
And your momma should be ashamed of the ground you walk on
The phone tap, watch the devices you talk on
Ride foreign, think about the times I walked home
We talkin’ change on change
Cause I been gettin’ money, I got this shit out the game
Six figure nigga sit in, bricks for the fit in
Money under the soul of the joints, crackin’ my jizz-eans
Born hustle, genetic, yea shit in my gizz-enes
With these eyes here, you can only imagine what I’ve seen
Baby momma turned enemy, home boy befriending me
Own cousin upped that strap on me full of that Hennessy, damn

–Hook – Lil Bibby–

–Verse 2–
I still wake up with them cold sweats
Real street nigga, did more and spoke less
Oh yea, pull up, haters looking so stressed
I get money, don’t boast and don’t flex
Been there and done that, streets I come from that
Been gone for a minute nigga, don’t call it a comeback
A lot of niggas doubted me, hated and had it out for me
Grandpa would be proud of me, pray to God for my balcony
Fuck all the competitors you characters ain’t scarin’ us
I see you plottin’ homeboy but I’m way ahead of ya
I got my cheddar up, haters don’t know how to take it
Well I don’t know how to fake it, sick like fuckin’ doctor patients
Used to clock out the vacant, stash the Glock by the basement
Still get them pounds in, I need to watch what I be sayin’
Cause niggas snitchin’, pointin’ fingers it was them
Officer the only pounds I move are in the gym
You feel me?

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