Reasons Why Men Cheat In Relationship

Reasons Why Men Cheat In Relationship 

Reasons why men can’t stay faithful in a Relationship 

I have done some research and I think from my observations, have discovered some reasons behind Men’s overactive se*ual tendencies.
So, in this article I’m going to enumerate a few reasons for men’s”infidelity”.

Reasons Why Men Cheat In Relationship

Because It boosts their ego: Men generally take pride in how many women they have shagged and they brag about it too. It’s so much of a norm for men to feel good about being multi se*ually active that even the less se*ually active males lie about their se*uality.

When young men gather casually, they are most likely to be talking football or women. And when it’s women, it’s all about tales of their se*ual exploits with them. It’s like a competition, a man wants to out-do his friend sex*ually..

Nothing boosts a man ego more than his se*ual prows. So much that when a man doesn’t last much before he gases out during s*x they say he’s not a real man. Men have put so much importance on se*ual activeness that sometimes masculinity is determined by how powerfully se*ual a man is.

Sometimes a man wants to have sfx with a girl not because he’s horny or attracted to her, but just to add her to his trophies of girls he has bunked. S*x improves a man’s self-esteem sort of. Such that a guy who isn’t se*ually active is taunted. In a gathering of guys, no guy admits he’s a virgin. Because there’s a stigma attached to being a virgin as a normal functioning man.


In a gathering of guys, the guy who is more se*ually active, or the guy who has shagged more chics is looked upon by other guys around with a strange sense of admiration like-.

Men have developed a mindset that they are se*ual beings and to be a perfectly complete man, they need to be se*ually active. Have you watched the American Pie? Did you realize the main theme of the movie is to portray how men jostle to activate their se*uality?.

Men don’t stick to one se*ual partner because having multiple se*ual unions boosts their ego.

(Note that everything I wrote here is directly opposite in the case of girls.)


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