Geographical Location Of Central Africa


The geography of a people is very important as it goes a long way to determine their history, occupation, values, social life and the personality of those who dwelt in such region or area. According to Robin Hallett, the term Central Africa is used to denote that great bloc of territory whose bounds are the tropical forest of the north, the line of great lakes to the east, the northern frontier of South Africa and Botswana to the south  and Atlantic Ocean to the west. Thus, it embraces modern Angola, Zambia, Rhodesia, Malawi and the south half of Congo.

Central Africa area is about a million and a half square miles, geographically, the central Africa is less varied than that of any other region of the continent. There are no mountain ranges, though most of the land lies three thousand feet above see level and there are highlands in Southern Angola and estern Rhodesia: no desert except small coastal strip in Southern Angola, only the rolling stretches of “bush” vegetation of varying density, part of savanna grassland, partly woodland broaden by lines of great rivers or by occasional swamp-fringed lakes. No part of Africa is so rich in waterways. The Congo and the Zambezi with their tributaries and numerous rivers of Angola, most of them broken by falls or rapids, but some easily navigable for long stretches.

Although, there is sufficient rainfall for agriculture in most part of the region, but most of the soil is poor and the bush infested with tsetse-fly. The central africa region to a large extent look like west Africa region due to similar geographical feature. The also have similar historical development, that is the history of both regions for the last thousand years is concerned with the rise and fall of substantial kingdoms in a partern that contrast sharply with the record of smaller politics that makes up the great part of the history of East and South Africa.

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It is cogent to note that east and central Africa region are closely related even though they both possess different geographocal features. The Bantu speaking people cut across the two regions and to other regions of Africa. It is recorded that all indigenous people of Central Africa are of Negroid stock and speak Bantu languages.


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