Fetty Wap – Get Back Lyrics

I done seen a lot of niggas go broke and get it back, aww man
I done seen a lot of niggas get put in the past, aww damn
Ayy could you be the one to make a change baby to hold up your lifestyle
Baby I’m a boss, I’ma still be standing when the niggas gettin’ wiped out

I made a lot of money but some niggas hate
I ain’t got nothin’ to prove, you ain’t gotta see it
I got a lot to lose so I remain humble
With the gang, that’s my same niggas
Same dudes, we just changed figures
You ain’t even in the lane with us
I got thirty up and I left the gang with her
Ayy, suck me up then I let the gang hit her
Could you be the one, the only one, baby
I’m just a guy, let’s have some fun, baby
I’ma live my life, do what I want, baby
[?] listen while I smoke a blunt
And I’m the same, you should jack a nigga’s style
Baby lovin’ my flow, how it go
Got money I’ma stack it in a pile
I don’t think it’s big enough, goddamn
I been stacking up this money for a while
For about three years, oh man
Baby wanna ride with niggas that live ’round
I can tell ’em ’bout the motherfuckin’ van, yeah
Guess it’s really something ’bout my sound like yeah
Really made a shawty wanna dance, yeah
Still be tryna find out who I sound like, yeah
I just tell ’em I’m the leader of the band, yeah
I’m just tryna show you how to win
Better get a house before it bends, it all makes sense
Don’t be tryna show off for your friends
Bitches always do it for the gram, yeah baby

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