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A big shout out to Kingsmelody as he shows forth his new street banger titled “Settle Me”. “Settle Me” is a song that calls for financial settlement of every street hustler.

It’s meant to encourage and inspire the weak to be strong and keep pushing until something positive starts happening because Poverty is the root of evil.



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Oh iyeh eh; Oluwa settle me eh.

1.   If you no get money for this life, my brother hustle for yourself eh. Cos every problem in life na money be the solution eh. People dey talk am say, na money be the root of evil, eh. But me I dey say eh eh, na poverty eh. Cos when you no get my brother, nobody go no you eh eh, but when you hammer, many many people go dey follow  you. Them go be your fans.

Ref: Baba God settle me eh. Oluwa settle me eh. Biko settle me, make I follow my mate Sara Kuba eh.

Chorus: I wan make am o, (Oluwa settle me eh). I wan hit eh, (Oluwa settle me eh). Baba God I dey pray to for Him to reason my matter.(Oluwa settle me eh)

2.   E don tey wey I dey pray eh, Baba God show me the way eh eh. You see for this life, e  no dey easy to make money eh. If you wan marry today eh, na your money go sign am eh, if you wan build house today eh, na your money go sign am eh. If you wan travel today eh, na your pocket go sign am eh, if you wan showcase yourself eh, na your pocket go prove am eh. That is why me I dey put in work everyday to make sure I dey on top eh, I no wan tell story, when it comes to what a man can do eh. {If we no make money eh, wetin we pass eh, if we no make money eh, everything go Yakpa eh}x2

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3.   My fiancee eh, dey hala me everyday. Say if I no give her wetin she want oh, she go leave me go away. Na wetin I go do, when I no get the money. That is why I dey beg Oluwa to settle me, reason my matter.

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