Young Thug – Don’t Make You Real LYRICS FT Duggie

–Intro: Young Thug–
Diamonds on me bling
Yeah, yeah, you know they

–Verse 1: Young Thug–
Pocket full of bread like a dinner roll
Parked the [?] right into the Rolls
All these diamonds wet like Cancoon
‘Bout to take my dog up like a damn balloon
40 racks inside the club I’m the tycoon
Never gon one night you
I put P’s in the pot, only got back a few
Red diamonds flooded with Christian Loubs

–Hook: Duggie–
Just because you rich
Don’t make you real (that’s a hundred nigga)
Just because you rich
Don’t make you real (that’s a hundred nigga)
It’s a lotta fuck niggas with money to be honest

–Verse 2: Young Thug–
My shawty thicker than yours
My jeweler iller than yours I want my diamonds adorable (yeah)
My diamonds hit from the floor
I ain’t talkin’ STD, but I’m bout to takin’ the wall (takin’ the wall)
I drink Act’ like I’m bored, I drink it everyday it’s a sport
I got bitches out of Aces in New York
Balmain britches my gators got goosebumps
Cops get off me
You can see the difference in my mug shot
I got my cash up, hundred duffle bags up


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