We Weren’t Being Secretive – Dash On Relationship with Ayanda Thabethe


DreamTeam Member Dash has said himself and his girlfriend Ayanda Thabethe have been dating for 3 years now and while many people think they keep their relationship private, Dash claims they are only allow things grow organically.
He told TshisaLive, “We weren’t being secretive. I think it was just, at first, that people were trying to put two and two together. So it was people who were guessing (about our romance). It’s not that we are public or secretive, we are just doing what makes us comfortable. If we want to post, we will post. If we don’t post than we don’t. It is not a secret, but it also not advertised,”

“Time is the most important thing. When you get more comfortable (in a relationship) you share more. We are the same as any couple not in the public eye. When a relationship starts off, you meet in private areas and have private confirmations until you get comfortable to tell others about it,” Dash added.

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