Vique – God Alone Lyrics


Verse 1

You have overcome

Mercy love and grace is mine
Standing in your presence
I am free to live
What a joyful song
Your relentless love is mine
I am free to dance and lift my voice to sing
His walk of shame
I walked to freedom
With holes in his palms
My spirit made whole
Like a rushing wind
Spirit overwhelm my heart
We will praise you God
Till the end of time
We will never be the same
Standing i awe of your holy name
You are God yes, you are God alone
Verse 2
Now my gaze is fixed on you
Jesus perfect love defined
And to my life I found the saviors embrace
I’m so much, the depths of fears*
Lost in love, yet found in Christ
Jesus I give you all now and forever
Repeat Pre-chorus..
Repeat Chorus..
I believe you died and rose again
And you are alive in me
Jesus you have won it all for me
Repeat Chorus… (3x)
You are God Alone

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