Top 10 Most Popular South African Job Websites

Similar to all emerging economies in the world, South Africa has a large population of unemployed folks seeking to land a good job or what most people call the dream job. With this in mind, numerous Job Websites in South Africa have sprung up in an attempt to bridge the gap between the employer and the massive pool of unemployed people. Employers can visit these websites to list freely the vacancies that they have to offer while job hunters visit them in search of job opportunities. And it has gone a long way in improving the economy and making people’s lives better. There are numerous Jobs Websites in South Africa. Some are phony while others indeed offer genuine vacancies. Below is a look at the 10 Most Popular Jobs Websites in South Africa: 10 Most Popular Job Websites in South Africa

1. In South Africa, Robert Walters office is to be found in Sandton, Johannesburg. The Agency has dedicated its operations particularly in recruiting of financial, banking as well as accounting professionals. In addition, the Agency recruits the administration plus support staff on behalf of various financial institutions in addition to Commercial Corporations all over South Africa. On their website, the company states that it recruits mainly for permanent contract positions on behalf of its client companies. Robert Walter has offers scattered in over 20 countries throughout the Continent. The Agency can be regarded without fear as a global agency. Because of the highly specialized and professional service they provide, Robert Walters South Africa has established relationships with businesses of various sizes, ranging from SMEs to the world’s leading institutions

2. is jobs search engine for South Africa. The search engine searches all the available jobs from all over South Africa from tens of thousands of websites. A simple search for a certain job in career jet produces numerous results thereby increasing the chances of getting the appropriate job that they so desperately need.

3. Job Mail boasts of having over 10,000 jobs listed in the portal at any particular time. The jobs are listed in over 50 categories. The job portal goes further to subdivide the available jobs according to the regions the companies’ hiring operates from. These way job seekers can search for a job from the regions they really want to work in. What even more amazing about job mail is that the portal lists the companies that they list the vacancies for. Job seekers can alternatively click on any of the listed companies to see the sneak preview of all the vacancies in that particular company. Job Mail goes a step further to give job seekers advice through well-crafted articles that inform job seekers how to write their CV as well as how to conduct themselves during interviews.

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4. lets users open an account in their portal. Armed with the identity, users can then search for the job of their choice while employers can go ahead to list the job vacancy that they want to be listed on the portal. The job seekers set a job alert, modify that job alert as well as remove the job alert at the opportune moment that they feel that they no longer need to be receiving the job alerts.

5. boasts of having Fresh new jobs uploaded on the portal daily. Career seekers can use the portal to seek the job of their choices. Career seekers can search the portal through thousands of job ads for the job of their choice. Additionally, the job seekers are required to upload their CVs to increase their chances of landing the job that they are so desperately looking for. The portal also gives the job seekers the opening to apply for the jobs of their choice online.

6. PNet is arguably South Africa’s number 1 job site. Career seekers can Search for jobs across South Africa. In addition to providing a minefield to find work. The portal also provided employers with the opportunity to recruit the ideal candidates from a pool of numerous applicants from all over South Africa.

7. All recruitment agencies, as well as job seekers, agree that the current job market and recruitment industry in South Africa is both competitive and diverse. With this in mind, job seekers should, therefore, make sure that their CVs get the maximum exposure there is. That way, they can easily score a job opportunity that many other qualified candidates are looking for. Jobs Websites in South Africa such as Recruitment Direct provide online recruitment services to both job seekers as well as Hr departments of various industries thereby bridging the gap between the job seeker and the potential employer. The recruitment agency provides a mix of conventional job seeker and employer/ recruitment agency contact together with the up-to-the-minute method of dealing straightforwardly with the probable employers. The Agency usually makes certain that the jobseeker’s CV receives the possible maximum exposure to potential recruiters. Through recruitment direct, a potential employer can send the specifications of the required employee directly to job seekers or to recruitment agencies that later send the specifications to the potential candidates.

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8. Job seekers can search for jobs by indeed. The portal searches all the company websites of all the companies in South Africa to give the career hunter the best results of all the available jobs in the country. Job seekers can upload their CV in portal for free to increase their exposure in the job market

9. is a free recruitment website that job seekers can search for the job of their choice. Potential employers can also list the vacancies available in their organization for free. Jobs are listed in the portal mainly in location categories thus helping the job hunter to easy choose the job that is located in the region that they can work hassle freely. In one hand Job Websites in South Africa have in general made it easier for job seekers to access the jobs available in the market. On the other hand, the websites have helped the potential employers to choose the best employee from a large pool of qualified candidates from all over the country

10. There is not a more user-friendly website than To aid the user navigation, the website has categorized the different users i.e. the job seekers in one hand, and employers on the other. In this way, the user can navigate freely and choose the link that he needs to follow. Under the Job seekers category, the user is required to post their current CV. The user can also search for the currently available jobs. In addition, the job seeker is able to receive job recommendations via email. The employers’ link directs the users to a portal where the user can list the available job, search for the fitting CVs. The employer is also able to receive the job application via email. Alternatively, users can just search the available jobs directly without following either the job seekers link or the employers’ link.

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