Text chat between a boy and a girl

TEXT CHAT:: Boy: I’m coming to see you honey, I dont care about the high gas prices or nothing I’m coming no matter what. Girl: Awwww Okay I’m fine love, get ready baby Boy: I love you, I cant wait to see you…I’m getting ready to leave now Girl: Okay but hunny I’m on my periods, just letting you know incase…. Boy: My car just blew up, I cant come to see you … Girl: Get your friend to take you, like he always does…. Boy: He got shot by armed robbers so i cant come, I’m sorry.. Girl: Oh never mind, I’m not on my periods. My panties are just looking too red… Boy: My friend has just been discharged from hospital and he has said he’s okay, he’s fine and he will take me now. I’m coming sweetheart Girl: poo! I’m really on my periods…just did not notice the blood….. Boy: damn!!!!!!!, he has been shot again, i wont come!!!!

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