Testimony – My God Lyrics


With a heavy heart I come

With no words on my lips

With a weary heart, a weary heart I come

With tears on my face

With a confused heart I come, yet I know I want to speak

So I cry to you now

Coz I know you can feel the depth of my hurt

I can’t bear this pain no more

So I’m calling on your strength

Coz I’m breaking under this weight

I know you hear my cry, you feel the hurt I feel

So I’m calling on you now…….

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

(I call to you my saviour)

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

(Please save me, save me)

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

(You’re my father, my deliverer)

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

So I kneel here at your feet

As I wait to hear your voice

Coz I’m desperate in this, desperate in this place

Youre my father and my friend

My maker and my king, youre my lover and my lord

So I’ve poured my heart to you

I’m now as light as a bird, I feel your joy now as my friend

You tell me to be still

you’ve got my back now lord I know I can put my trust in you

coz youre alive in me my God and youre greater than my pain

that’s why I call to you my king…..

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

(I call to you my saviour)

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

(I look up to the hills from whence cometh my help)

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

(the only one that can deliver me yeah)

Chineke’m o Chineke’m o

That’s why I call you My God (My God)

My father, my maker

My keeper, comforter

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My father

Chineke (Chineke)

That’s why I sing Chineke’m o, Chineke’m o

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