It takes more than a tornado to stop some South African men from mowing their lawns

A woman took a picture of a tornado to show her family in South Africa – leading them to ask why her husband was mowing the lawn.

According to a report in the Times Colonist‚ Cecilia Wessels’ nine-year old daughter wanted her dad to come inside‚ but Theunis had his to-do list‚ and a tornado wasn’t going to stop him.

Cecillia took the picture to show her parents in South Africa‚ who asked‚ “Why is your husband mowing the lawn?”

Theunis said the tornado was further away than it looked in the picture‚ and was moving away from him anyway. He said he was keeping an eye on it while mowing.

Vance Neudorf caught this footage of the tornado while driving home‚ and the lawn wasn’t his priority while filming it.

“I pulled over as it was heading directly for my daughter’s house. I called and told her to take the grandkids into the basement‚” Neudorf said in the video’s description.

The tornado didn’t cause any injuries‚ though pictures on Twitter show it was powerful enough to rip the roof off of a barn.

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