Sunnypraise – You are Beautiful Lyrics



My eyes have seen your glory

Far beyond the earth and sky,

Mountains tall and ocean deep

You reign and rule..

Lord you made the heaven’s

By your spoken words

And then you framed the world

With love and might..

oooh ooh ohh.


You are beautiful beyond description

Marvellous for words,

Great and mighty works

You’ve done you’ll do still will do…

You are bigger than what people say…

“Onyedikagi” You are God and God alone…


When I think about your Goodness

And your kindness Lord,

My mouth will open for joy

And sing and worship you…

For there is no one like you,

You are the Son of the Living God

I’ve come to love you,

I’ve come to worship

You are my God and God….

(Chorus refrain part)

You are beautiful…
You are wonderful…
Mighty God…
Awesome God…..

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