In life everything great are being sponsored by a spirit either good or bad spirit, but to Biafra, I can witness a good spirit behind it. Now what is spirit? A supernatural being often but not exclusively without physical form, so the spirit that motivate Biafra is not physical but unseen force, so I strongly believed what Nnamdi Kanu said about the sprit behind Biafra, so if there is a spirit behind these pursuit, nothing can stop it, so for human kind to stop what is being sponsored by spirit will just go to the way of all the earth through my intelligent collection I get to understand that truly there is a spirit behind actualization of Biafra, take a good look at Nigerian from the onset of agitation till now, instability in our economy and health challenge of our President, after Biafra war they thought they can keep this country together but you cannot see war to keep a notion together.

Igbos are Biafra in quote, a said, had their root from Israel after some research has been conducted by some scientific group, looking at Igbos origin, it seems that they are the first Israel that left Egypt before the departure of our ancestor to land of Cannan, and they found themselves in Nigeria and first settled in Nri that is why we have Obogud of Nri today. It seems that history went to repeat itself in Nigeria because Pharoah did not allow Israel to go as Nigeria still held Biafra refreedom but I will not be surprise because George Santiana once said history deal with those that does not learn from it, how I wish that the Nigeria will see the hand written on the wall.

The civil war broke out between July 6th 1967 and end January 15th, 1970 precisely, what happened in Egypt want to repeat itself because the Israelite do not know their root until the revelation can through Moses, that time their affliction ultiplied as that of Igbos are today in Nigeria, when God first started the freedom with Ojukwu in 1967 about 130 thousand Igbos were killed in Northern Nigeria, the cry of people of Israel got to God’s hearing, He sent Moses as the cry of our death’s has gotten to God’s ear and sent Nnamdi kanu.

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Nigeria leadership and development is is obvious that Igbos are not part of ths country because after Biafra was there has not been Igbo President after that of Nnamdi Azikiwe which happen before the war. The Northerners said they are born to rule that is why the Igbos don not have a place in Nigeria government over 50 something years now. 75% of substances in this country are being derived from the Eastern part of this country, and our environments are not developed and we got nothing in return, the South-South could be polluted and no one cares about it.

All average Igbo man prayer after our origin and our inheritance was obvious to us, we begin to thrive for freedom and good life, some groups are talking about restructuring but that is not the prayer of a poor Igbo man they crave for their own country, some who have amassed wealth for personal consumption are dependent on their riches forgot that we can make Biafra a great nation, let those that are fighting keep on fighting those praying keep on praying but all I know let us all keep on keeping on.
This present government original intention is to Islamize Nigeria. the Igbos are pictured as the Christian, in Nigeria and Christian and Muslim cannot co-exist together because of their different in believe and point of view, it is obvious we don’t have freedom of worship in Nigeria because before and after Biafra war till now what we the Igbos were facing is religious war, so trying to Islamize Nigeria is fighting a lost battle.
Ojukwu was the man who saw tomorrow regard to Biafra freedom but didn’t got 60% support during his time that is why he lost the war but I saw it that he didn’t use his strategies properly, so Ojukwu is like Moses that just saw the promise land but Joshua led the children of Israel into just as Nnamdi Kanu is today to Igbos and you must now that Nnamdi Kanu was born in 1970 which was the home the Civil war ended so he was born to save his people, well Ojukwu used physical weapon but Nnamdi Kanu uses Intellectual weapon which seems to be harmless but very destructive. Killing the agitators will hasten the freedom and also looking at the President health challenge it can be liken to fighting God people which are Biafrans and you can’t touch God people and go unpunished and looking at the instability of economy in Nigeria and President health will ever stop until Biafrans are freed.

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Let all Biafrans stand firm and proof to Nigeria that we are one both in action and pursuit, because a lot of things has been denied us in this so called Nigeria, they use our resources to develop their Northern geographical Zone, take a good look at present budget we have been cheated in everything, the only opportunity we have to proof our support to Biafra is Anambra Election and only solution to that is seat at home, that will hasten the actualization pursuit fast, and will encourage the labour of our forefathers.
My beloved Biafrans, a friend once told me told me that people have been so enslaved that they don’t know what it means to be free and its value. Support Biafra actualization and believe me, it will be better than the “failed” Nigeria.


Courtesy: Chimankpam Chialuka Temple


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