South Africans too comfortable with ‘rampant’ corruption: Malema

South Africa’s older generation has become compliant with the “rampant” corruption engulfing the country just as the 1976 elders were with the brutality of the apartheid government.

These were Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema’s sentiments as he addressed thousands of EFF members and supporters that packed the Boipotong Stadium on Friday.

Malema was delivering a speech during the party’s Youth Day June 16 celebration in Boipotong at Emfuleni Local Municipality under Sedibeng District.

“Our parents are folding their arms just like the 1976 parents. When we talk they say we are being disrespectful. If the 1976 youth had listened to their parents we wouldn’t be here today. Once you feel aggrieved stand up and take a stand as inspired by the 1976 youth‚” Malema said.

He said that South Africans were too comfortable with corruption and injustices because they kept voting for the same people.

“There is a lot of money in government. Municipalities have money but instead of delivering services they are looting it just like their father [a veiled reference to Zuma]. They are rotten to the core. The power is in your hands‚ let us not be comfortable with corruption. When we say to people Zuma took our money to Dubai‚ they do not want to listen‚” Malema said.

Boipotong was established in 1955. In the early 1990s‚ during the country’s transition to democracy‚ the township witnessed an outbreak of violence between the ANC and the IFP‚ with tensions climaxing on 17 June 1992‚ leaving 49 people dead and many more injured.

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Malema said that it was because of the history of the area that the party chose to host its Youth Day celebrations.

“We want to remind you that the government has forgotten the people of Boipotong. We are here to honour you because the ruling party has failed you‚” he said. He was referring to mass killings that are now known as the Boipotong Massacre.

A monument in remembrance of the fallen has since been unveiled in the middle on the township.

The party will on Saturday host another event in commemoration of the massacre.

Turning to why the EFF kept voting with the Democratic Alliance‚ Malema said that the EFF would never vote with the ANC. It would continue its status quo of voting with the opposition.

“We are in this mess we are in because of the ANC. The ANC has allowed white arrogance. The ANC is the security of white capital‚ so we are now dealing with the security before dealing with white capital‚” Malema said.

Last week the firebrand leader sent a warning to the DA that if they do not fire former DA leader Helen Zille‚ the party would consider voting against the DA.

“We do not owe Zille anything. They called her to order. Do you think if it was Zuma the ANC would have done that? Every time the courts have called Zuma to order the ANC has done nothing. They can all go to hell‚” the former ANC Youth League president said.

Accompanying Malema were members of the Central Command Team‚ the party’s highest making decision body‚ provincial command teams from different provinces and the War Council which consists of top officials of the party.

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