SA NEWS: ANC and SACP at each other’s throats over ‘witch-hunt against MPs’

"Can't we put the media off the grounds?" ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa with the party's secretary-general Gwede Mantashe FOTO HERMAN VERWEY NUUS NOORD
“Can’t we put the media off the grounds?” ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa with the party’s secretary-general Gwede Mantashe FOTO HERMAN VERWEY NUUS NOORD

Cape Town – The dust still hasn’t settled after the fractious motion of notion confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

The ANC and SACP are at each other’s throats over the disciplinary steps against dissident MPs.

Shortly before noon on Wednesday, the SACP released a statement to reject a “witch-hunt against MPs” who voted in support of the motion after ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe announced a day before that disciplinary steps will be instituted against ANC MPs who publicly declared that they voted to remove Zuma.

“The myopic campaign clothed in the name of discipline is nothing but a factionally-charged agenda. Revolutionary discipline is consistent,” read a statement from acting SACP national spokesperson Mhlekwa Nxumalo.

“It would have long ago decisively acted against the rot of corporate capture of the state and sections of our movement and its leaders. Revolutionary discipline would have long ago acted without fear, favour or prejudice against corruption. It would have long ago acted against deployed office bearers, including President Zuma for making decisions without consultation.”

The SACP repeated its call that Zuma resign. “Failing which, the ANC must recall him.”

By 19:18, ANC spokesperson Zizi Kodwa responded to the “extremely ill-advised and gravely unfortunate statement,” from the SACP with a statement of its own.

“The ANC respects the right of all alliance partners to hold independent views which may differ from ours on various matters. This respect, which we expect to be reciprocal, demands that on points of divergence there is thorough engagement, and where necessary, an agreement to disagree,” reads Kodwa’s statement.

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“The ANC is not a structure of the SACP, and as such, shall not be dictated to via media releases by the SACP.”

Kodwa denied that acting against “ill-discipline of the worst order in our ranks” is factionalism.

“The ANC will not allow the complete collapse of political and organisational discipline in the fear of being perceived as being factional. While we appreciate the SACP’s position on matters relating to ANC President, Comrade Jacob Zuma, the ANC is under no obligation to act merely on the instructions of the SACP,” he said.

“The road to socialism cannot be paved with venom and obsessive politics on personalities.”

He said the ANC remains confident that the SACP will appreciate the ANC’s recent national policy conference’s injunction to never tolerate ill-discipline within their ranks and to not delay to take appropriate action to restore party discipline.

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