Reasons For The Study Of Social Studies

Reasons For The Study Of Social Studies

Social studies course deals with people and their responsibilities to ensure the steady development of their society.
The following are some of the reasons why we study social studies.

1. It teaches and trains people to be good citizens and nation builders. It does this by helping students to develop good skills, habits and positive attitude towards one another and towards the nation.

2. It enables people to know and use the resource of their physical environment very well.

3. It helps young people and adults to understand the modern world. Hence social studies is a way for making the school curriculum relevant.

4. Social studies trains people to be effective leaders and good followers.

5. Through social studies we learn about our inheritance and our past and present experience, and how to use these to solve our present problems.

6. Social studies makes people understand their culture and the culture of other Nigerians. Thus Nigerians can appreciate their differences and the need to live as one society.

7. Social studies helps us to develop a good sense of judgment and a sense of moral and social responsibility. This enables us to become useful members, not destroyers of our society and nation.

8. Through social studies, we develop a curiosity about our environment. This increases our desire to know more about things within and outside our own locality.

9. As well as making them well informed, social studies makes people realise the need for honesty, hardwork and co-operation with others in society.

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10. Social studies is one of the subjects by which the Nigerian national objectives in education can be achieved. This objectives expects Nigerians to know themselves, to work hard for self and national self-sufficiency, and to be conscious of the nation and it’s unity.

11. Social studies helps people acquire different kinds of skills, for example, reading, listening, observation and analysis. Those skills makes us better citizens of the locality and the nation.

12. Because of the kind of knowledge and skills gained through social studies, the subject provides a good means of achieving the pledge of Nigeria as one County: to be faithful, loyal and honest, to serve the nation and to defend and uphold it’s unity, honor and glory.
Student at once realise their duties and responsibilities not only to themselves but to the nation, As a Whole. Social studies tells them that the nation is supreme;it is more important even than its leaders who may only contribute to its well being. Students should therefore be concerned with what they can contribute towards building a strong prosperous nation, rather than with what they can grab from it

13. Through social studies student learn to work with people and not for the people at all levels, be it a local community; local government council, state government or the federal government.

In conclusion, the general aim of social studies is therefore to produce good citizens. And to be a good citizens, students must learn certain qualities through social studies.


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