Reasons Why Egypt Is Called The Gift Of Nile


For something to happen there must be a reason behind it. Something cannot happen just like that. However, there are many reasons why Egypt is called the gift of Nile and that is what I am going to analyze in this post.

Remember on my previous post on the Nile And Egyptian Civilization, I wrote that Egypt is located in the north-eastern corner of Africa which was divided into two parts by nature called the upper and lower Egypt. However, the Nile is the longest river in the world and it derives it’s source from Lake Victoria or Nyasa in Eastern Africa which is also fed by three major sources.  The reason why Nile is called the gift of Nile are because:

1. The Nile provided an easy means of communication between the different localities along its banks.

2. Egypt was conceived, born, nourished and sustained by the Nile.

3. The Nile facilitated the growth of the unity of language and culture which ultimately overshadowed the particular characteristics of each group.

4. The Nile influenced or affected every aspect of the Egyptian lives, both in the area of science, art, economy, religion, culture and politics.

5. The Nile gave Egypt it’s unique feature and it’s enduring characteristic.

6. The Nile valley is fertile because of the yearly floods. The made the ancient Egypt to survive in the land.


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