Reason For The Expansion Of The Cape

Reason For The Expansion Of The Cape

When studying about the Cape and the arrival of the Dutch Eastern Company to the Cape, one would imagine the impact and how it benefited the people of that area. Today, we will look into the reasons why the people of the cape thought of expanding the area or the reason or what led to the expansion of the Cape Town.

Below Are The Reasons That Led To The Expansion Of The Cape.

1. Population: Population is one of the basic reasons why the need to expand the cape arise. Population in the cape began to increase  as a result of the fact that the area is free from tropical diseases like tse-tse fly, mosquito, etc. These led to the increase in population of of the people in the cape. Also there were less death rate.

2. Land: Searching for grazing land led to the expansion of the cape. The people needed more space and land for rearing of their animals so they expanded the cape. Remember the pastoral agriculture was one of the major occupation of people of the cape.

3. The Interior Part Of The Cape: The attraction in the interior part of the cape and the low cost of living there led to the expansion of the cape.

4. Inter Marriages: This was another reason why the cape expanded. Remember that when the Dutch was about coming to the cape, inter-marriage with the indigenous people of the area was one of the rule that was given to them which they obeyed and this helped in the expansion of the cape.

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5. Great Trek: Great trek was one of the major outstanding reason of the expansion of the trek. When the people were trecking to the interior, they passed many things, they even fought many wars, conquered many lands etc. After they had trecked to the interior, this led to the discovery of gold and diamond which was the mastermind of the development of the cape.

6. Hedge: The hedge created by the Dutch led to the development and expansion of the cape.


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