Quentin Miller – Fax Lyrics

Yeah, ye-yeah, yeah
Don’t take my motherfucking shit man
I mean, everybody say “yeah”
But y’all don’t say
The way I be sayin’ it
I’ma notice if you do (hm-hm)

Too big to fail
Move the [?] like stocks on Wall Street
[?] with the sound, prices up and down
Once you reach a certain [?]
Ain’t no coming down
I got no complaints man my life good
I mean we really made the wave
And you niggas [?]
How many times we let you run off on the plug
Guess what? We the plug, we the fucking plug

Fax, know it for a fact
Made it to the racks
I ain’t going back, studio my trap
You could pull up, get a pack (hm-hm)
Fact, know it for a fact (hey!)

I don’t give a fuck ’bout a diss song
I don’t really care ’bout a rap beef
You ain’t even gotta @ me
Racks, I need more of those
Had to kick it down ’cause the door was closed
I need all of those
Brought my Nike like designer clothes
Yeah, I be sellin’ hope oooh
They turn up at my shows oooh
Super Saiyan Goku, yeah
Back against the ropes oooh
Fly like a butterfly and float oooh
Knock they ass down like you supposed to
Yeah, we don’t play by no rules
Yeah, green light, green light, green light go
Do whats necessary, as long if the checks coming
You got a verse from him
Then you was blessed from him
You really was blessed from him, fax, facts
Studio my trap, come and get a pack
He-he, fax!

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