The Office of the Biafra Security Service (BSS) Germany

Press Statement from:
The Office of the Biafra Security Service (BSS) Germany
1) The Biafra Security Service in Germany under the Directorate of Biafra Intelligence of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been following with rapt attention the ugly development on Thursday the 20th of November 2014 in Enugu, Biafraland.
2) We want to inform the entire true Biafran faithfuls worldwide that the BSS is alive to its commissioned duties and has been following the ugly event in Enugu prior up to the point the attempt on the life of the Director of Radio Biafra London and leader of the IPOB was made.
3) As a result of this ugly event, the code of security alertness of our Directorate has been raised two bars upwards from its original position effective from 16:00hrs Thursday the 20th of November 2014 until further notice.
4) We urge all units of the Directorate worldwide, who have not completed their dossiers or submitted same to the Directorate Headquarters to quickly do so on or before 12 noon on Monday, the 24th November, 2014.
5) The IPOB Directorate of Intelligence wants to remind all fellow Biafrans that this struggle to liberate Biafraland is a struggle conceived to benefit all citizens in the entire Biafraland in our current generation and the generation of our unborn Biafrans and has at no point envisaged our adversaries within Biafraland as our primary enemies as differences are bound to exist in all families.
6) The event of 20th November 2014 has proved the prior thinking of our Directorate wrong and has therefore forced our Directorate to another level of thinking.
7) Much as differences may continue to abound in every family, we henceforth advise all citizens who may be legally defined as “Biafrans” by virtue of their geographical location in Biafraland to please use the appropriate medium to advise and or communicate with the hierarchy of the IPOB on their divergences and stop henceforth from making unwarranted utterances on public podium. Failure to adhere strictly to this advice will automatically qualify anybody as a potential enemy to the restoration efforts of the IPOB. In this case, the Directorate of Biafran Intelligence will have no other options than to treat this person or persons as stumbling block to our restoration efforts and will consequently direct the Brigade for the Protection of Biafran Interests to take actions as they may deem fit. All is hereby warned.
8) We want to re-assure all our key officers worldwide that there is no cause for alarm and that they should continue executing their duties as scripted by the hierarchy of the IPOB and to urge all faithful Biafrans in the struggle to remain vigilant and please do not hesitate to contact the Directorate of Biafran Intelligence in any of our units in your country of residence or through our Email.
9) If you are not in agreement with our modus operandi you have just one option, to keep quiet until Biafra is fully restored. Failure to do this, we will bring tears to your door step. You are again warned.
10) Genuine and interested Biafrans who have information considered crucial to our work and more importantly, to the restoration strategy should not hesitate to contact us through our official Email address, namely:
FF Odoemenam
Senior Commissioner,
BSS Germany

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