Nosa – Blessed Lyrics



Verse 1
I’m bursting on the right
I’m bursting on the left
No Need for me to struggle
Cos I’m functioning from rest
These things are meant to follow
Cos I’m putting the kingdom first
God said it, It is settled and
I’m not settling for less
I am blessed
I am blessed
I am blessed
When things don’t seem to tally
With the things that God has said
It’s not a time to panic
And all these giants I call them bread
I can never be a victim
When I’m living the life in Christ
Cos Satan is defeated and
I am seated on the right
Repeat Pre-Chorus
In the morning, in the evening
I am Blessed
Im my going, in my coming
I am Blessed
In the field and in the city
I am Blessed
In season, out of season
I am Blessed
Anything I lay my hands on
It is always a success
I already know the outcome
Brother what do you expect
The enemy cannot stop me
Cos I know just who I am
I’m a joint heir with Jesus
and I’m the seed of Abraham
Repeat Pre-Chorus
I’m rich without the sorrow
I’m living in perfect health
Surely goodness and mercies follow
As long as i remain on earth
All things work in my favor
I’m above and not beneath
I’m planted by the waters
and I’m not bothered by the heat
Repeat Pre-Chorus (4x)
Repeat Pre-Chorus (2x)

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