The Nile And Egyptian Civilization


Africa is the home of enduring civilizations. It is pertinent to note that the world longest-lasting lived civilization is Egypt which is located in the north part of Africa. The Egyptian civilization had stood the test of time and affected every aspect of modern world.

Egypt is located in the north-eastern corner of Africa. It is a small state compared to the vast continent which it froms a part. Yet it has producing of the world’s greatest civilizations. Nature herself divided the country into two different parts: the narrow stretches of fertile land adjoining the river from Aswan to the region of modern Cairo, which historian call user Egypt, and the broad triangle formed in the course of millennia form the silt deposits of the river flowing north into the Mediterranean, which is referred to as lower Egypt or the Delta. The first settlers did not find life easy and there must have been fierce among the different human groups to secure the land along the edge of the Nile and in the relatively restricted area of the Delta. Only the strongest and most able would have survived. These people, coming from the west and east as well as from the south, we’re doubtless of different somatic groups. The challenges of diverse of origin hindered their integration for a while. However, the Nile provided an easy means of communication between the different localities along its banks and facilitated the growth of the unity of language and culture which ultimately overshadowed the particular characteristics of each group.

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The formation of ancient civilization of Egypt occurred on the bank of River Nile in the eastern corner of Africa. This land are of adjoined by the shore of he red sea, India ocean and the Mediterranean. It was the hydrograpghic composition of the area that contributed immensely to the Emergence Of ancient Egyptian civilization. The importance of this region to the growth of Egypt lay in the fact that it gave Egypt wide access to distant land across the Mediterranean, red sea and Indian Ocean. Otherwise known as the Nile corridor, the area in which ancient Egypt developed had bee described as a zone of privileged contact. The first group of people to migrate to the Nile valley were predominantly Negroid.

In conclusion, it was geographical consideration that spurred these migration. The most important of this factor was the decrease in rain, which drove Nomadic settlers out in search of water supply. It was the group of Proto-Egyptian who ultimately took on pastoral and agricultural life that transformed Egypt into one of the world’s greatest civilization. Therefore, the civilization of Egypt can also be seen as the civilization of the Nile.


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