Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization?

Muslim Brotherhood A Terrorist Organization?

Muslim Brotherhood is a society of Muslim brothers. It is an Islamic movement founded in 1928 by an Islamic schorlar and schoolteacher Hassan al-Banna.

The major aim or objectives of the Muslim brotherhood was to make sure that there is a widespread of Islam to continue as the main point in ordering the life activities of Muslim family, community, individual etc.

However, because of their charity works which are: preaching the Islam, teaching the illiterate and setting up business enterprise and hospitals, they gained supporters all over the Arabic countries. On their aim of charity, they also sponsored the political party in Egypt in 2012 after the January revolution of 2011.

In order words, being legalized in 2011, Muslim Brotherhood was considered a terrorist organization in 2015 by Russia, Egypt, United Arab Emirate, Saudi Arabia and Sudan etc.

From their logo or slogan or motto alone which states, “Believers are but brothers, Islam is the solution, Allah is our objectives and Jihad is our way” one will conclude that the organization posses a treat as it exist.

Explaining further from their motto above:

Islam is our solution: You know that Islam dominates and does not want to be dominated. Islam wherever they are tries whatever it takes to dominate that area no matter what it will take them. Now stating that Islam is their solution and they always tries to dominate, one will state clearly that any place the Islam tries to dominate and they refuse, because of their domination attitude, they will try any means possible to in order to achieve that aim of domination.

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Jihad is our way: We all know the meaning of Jihad and what it stands for. The holy war. If Jihad according to their slogan is their way, that means there could be a treat to human safety from them had it been suddenly a holy war break out. We all know the aftermath of war. The consequences that comes after the war has ended.



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