MUSIC: Sweetbwoy KayKings – Hustle




We are excited to announce the release of Sweetbwoy Kaykings’ new album, “Alone in Lekki.” This highly anticipated album showcases “Sweetbwoy Kaykings” incredible talent and unique style. With the support of Alabareports Promotions Limited, the album is set to make waves in the music industry.

Alone in Lekki” takes listeners on a journey through the artist’s personal experiences, emotions, and reflections. The album is a blend of soulful melodies, captivating lyrics, and infectious beats. Sweetbwoy Kaykings’ music transcends genres, incorporating elements of afrobeats, R&B, and hip-hop.

Alongside the album release, Sweetbwoy Kaykings has also dropped an amazing new single titled “Hustle.”

This track showcases his lyrical prowess and ability to connect with his audience on a deeper level. “Hustle” encapsulates the artist’s determination and resilience in pursuing his dreams.

With the support of Alabareports Promotions Limited, Sweetbwoy Kaykings’ album and new single will be heavily promoted to reach a wider audience.

Through strategic marketing campaigns, social media promotions, and radio airplay, the aim is to create a buzz and generate excitement for this talented artist.


Alone in Lekki” is a testament to “Sweetbwoy Kaykings” growth as an artist and his commitment to delivering quality music. With the release of the album and the promotion by Alabareports Promotions Limited, this is an exciting time for Sweetbwoy Kaykings and his fans. We encourage everyone to listen to the album and support this rising star in the music industry.





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