I opened my eyes and saw Ttech and AY sitting beside me on a bed. My head hurts a lot, I noticed I have a bandage rounded on my head. I was so weak to stand up. I tried saying a word…
Me: where am I?
AY: thank god you are back..
Ttech:bro you are in the hospital, Abimbola called me yesterday that you are dead and all that, I was so scared. I even left aisha at home. So when I got to your place, I saw you lying helplessly on the floor, I called AY over and we brought you here.
Me:(remembered what happened) Ngozi! Ngozi! Aaaagh Ngozi!
AY: bro what really happened?
Me:(explained everything that happened)
Ttech: chaii, Satan too wicked… Sorry paddi me.
AY: let me go and call the doctor and get something for you to eat…
Me: OK thanks…Ttech when did you guys come here ..
Ttech: we have been here since yesterday.
Me: yesterday kee…you mean I have spent a day here..?
Ttech : of course…
Me: that means today is Tuesday ? What about your birthday party.
Ttech: I canceled it, I can’t live you here all alone…besides, with out you in the party, the party won’t be complete..anyway, one of my guy, his brother is having wedding ceremony next week Sunday … So we will travel together and celebrate my birthday there at the same time.
Me: which side is that…
Ttech: IMO State
Me: hmm thats far though… So you want us to go and shot down IMO state abi..
Ttech: that’s it bro…just recover fast…ooh the doctor is here..
Doctor: how are you today Mr rely?
Me: good doctor?
Doctor: have you eating anything?
Me: no doctor
Doctor:try and do, so you can take your medication.. You will be discharge by tomorrow morning. … I have spoken with your uncle…
Me: thanks doctor..
Ttech: (doctor left the room) that reminds me… Your uncle asked what cursed this accident..
Me: (curious) what did you tell him?
Ttech:nothing, I told him nothing…just better cook up something to tell him before he enters here…
Me: I think you are in better position to think of what to can see my predicament now..I can’t think of anything reasonable with this my head right now..
Ttech: OK I think this will go.. Tell him you slipped of and fell down..during the process, your head hit a glass cup you kept on the table…
Me: hmmm…are sure this will work..
Ttech: let’s give it a try …
Me: OK…
Not less than ten minutes. AY entered with a take away … I was still eating when my uncle entered. He felt so sorry for me. He later asked for the curse of the incident… Which I told him exertly as Ttech said..though he partially bought the idea. Around 6:30pm. Ttech and AY lifted me up to have a stroll with them outside before they will go home. We stroll together in the hospital compound. A lot of sick people of different type both accidental ones were rushed in. I was thankful to God for giving me, my family and friends life.
Me: how is aishat nah..
Ttech: I haven’t called her..I left her immediately I got a call from Abimbola..
Me and Ttech was still gisting about aishat when my phone rang. I checked it and it was from my madam..
Me: hello ma
Madam: how are you..I heard you are sick. What happen?
I explained my lie to here and she felt so sorry…she asked me the hospital am staying. Which I told her. She requested to see me in the next 15 minutes…
AY: bro , this your sugar mummy love you ooo..
Me: who is your sugar mummy.. You no well…
Ttech: let her come self … We need to pay hospital bill.
We was still gisting when my madam entered through the front gate. I waved for her to see me.
Madam: eyea sorry humm..
Me: thanks ma
We gisted a lot before she said she is about to go. She asked me how much is the hospital bill as if she heard what Ttech said. Ttech was busy drawing 20 on my back. I understood the message he is trying to send across. He is telling me to tell her 20k. But I didn’t have the mind to bill her that amount so I decided to tell her 15k. She counted the money and give it to me. After which she left the hospital. Ttech was blaming me for not asking her 20k why AY was encouraging me that I did the right thing. We gist and laugh together like blood brothers..till 7:30pm when both of them decided to live. I gave them 4k each from the money and we both hug each other. I saw them off to the gate where they entered bike. I decided to stay outside for a little while before going inside. I was still receiving fresh air when someone called me that doctor needed to see me. I went inside immediately to see the doctor. On getting there,he told me to get ready that a nurse is coming to give me injection. I went inside my ward, ate my food and wait silently for the nurse to come. Not less than 15 minutes: I saw a slim, tall, curvy nurse coming through the door. (*** what a beauty***). She walked in,drop her basen and place her hand on my neck to check my temperature.
Nurse: so Mr rely, how are you doing today?..

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