She bent down to buckle her shoe, all her backyard was pointing towards my direction. The gown she was putting on was so tight that I easily see the lines of her pant. As she bent her A$$ towards my direction, my joystick started breathing fast. I imagined how bleeping her will taste like.
We both entered the car together. This time, traffic was much. She called the banana seller over to get some banana. She got #300 own with some groundnuts for me. We was enjoying our self as we wait for the traffic.
Madam: so whats your name?
Me: rely ma
Madam: what about the guy with my husband spair key?
Me: he is yet to come
Madam: I have to my husband time without number to hand the key over to someone else. But he wouldn’t listen. Now I think he will do what he supposed to do.
Me: (silent, busy with my banana)
We got to my company gate 4:15pm. I highlighted from the car. I requested for the spair key which my madam refused to give me. I thought she wanna take it to my boss her self. I entered inside the company, I saw some of my colleagues standing outside instead of staying inside. I walked straight to one of them who made it known to me that it was my boss who ordered them to stay out side.
Without wasting time, I ran to my own working room, got dressed up and embark on my work. I was working and at the same time waiting to see my colleagues atleast to see people to talk to. I was busy mixing the chemicals for the new brand cream we wanna produce when my phone started ringing, I couldn’t pick it up because of the chemicals on my hand.
It was 5:30pm, someone came inside the room to inform me that my manager seeks for my presence. I cleaned my self up, walk straight to my managers office.
Manager: Mr rely.
Me: yes sir
Manager: am handing this spair key over to you. Make sure you lock my office when am not around.
Me:( collect the key) no problem sir.
Manager: always check if my office is locked before going home..
Me: OK sir
Manager: there is one table and sit beside my door, that’s your position now. Anybody who wants to see me, must pass through you. From now on…after what you are doing in your department, always coming back to your office.
Me:( exited) thank you sir.
After the conversion, it was already 5:57pm. I went to my department to dress up so I can go home. After dressing up, I picked my phone to have a look on my missed call. It was Stella. I regret not picking her call. Anyway it wasn’t my fult. I could have called her back but I was out of airtime. I went to my managers office to let him know that am about to go home.
I went out side the company, I had to trek a little mile before I can see where to get airtime. I purchased mtn #100 so I can give Stella a call back.
Me: hello baby..
Stella: why do you refused to pick my call
Me: am sorry about that. My phone has been have all kinds of issue. It doesn’t ring out when someone calls.
Stella: you and this your phone. So how are you?
Me: am good and tired baby.
Stella: eyea, should I come and give you a massage?
Me: don’t worry, I will be OK.
Stella: OK love, I want to know if you are still coming tomorrow, because my daddy is planning to travel, and he requested to see you as soon as possible.
Me: definetly, I will come tomorrow.. Just prepare good meal for me.
Stella: what ever my love wants, I will give.
Me:( smile) wow, so romantic.
After the call, I entered a bike who took me to where I will enter bus to my bus stop. I got home around 7:17pm. I was surprised when I saw Abimbola on my door waiting for me.
Me: why are you here all alone by this time?
Abimbola:( moody) you have been ignoring me since, you don’t call as you used to do before, and I want to know why.
Me: ( move closer and hug her, then whisper to her) am not ignoring you sweetheart, work kept me busy that’s all.
Abimbola: ( with baby voice) I felt am loosing you rely, I don’t wanna loose you.
Me: ( kissed her fore head) you are not loosing me baby. Am here for you. I love you so much and that’s the most important thing.
Abimbola: ( smile) are you sure?
Me: yes, you are my number one, I can’t do without you in my life.
Abimbola: OK, now let’s go inside, I have something special for you!
Me: wow, I can’t wait…
I held her waist as will climb upstairs.

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