Me: (*** if I didn’t go to work, it might result to another thing and is not good for me to live her like this, she is already in the mood, she is wet, she needs me and she is begging, what should I do? Live her and go to work or stay and satisfy her.***)
It wasn’t easy to put back my erected joystick in side my trouser. I can’t afford to loose my work. I told Elizabeth that I can’t skip work to avoid the punishment that follows it. It took me some time to calm her down and let her know the reason I have to go to work. She put back her boobs in side her bra and dressed up. We both went outside where I can take bike to my place.
I got to my working place around 2:52pm. The afternoon workers are already gone.none of my colleagues were present yet. I greeted the gate man and went inside. My manager was yet to arrive, in other to collect key, I had to wait outside his office till he arrive. I was resting on the wall when I had a horn, I thought it might be my manager. I went outside to peep, definetly I was right.
Manager: how are you Mr rely
Me: ( took his bag from him) am good sir, well come
Manager: are you the only one around?
Me: yes.
Manager: (look at his wrist watch) this is 3:15pm. I won’t tolerate any kind of late coming here.
Me: sir please can I have your key to open your office.
Manager: (searching for his key) Is like I left it in the car, rush and get it for me.
I went straight to the car, I searched all over the car but I couldn’t find anything, I had to report to him immediately.
Me: sir I couldn’t find it.
Manager: ( pondering) ooh I left it on my table at home. And the spare key is with the head of your department.
Me: oooh sorry sir
Manager: (angry) am going to collect the key from him and hand it over to you. Since you are the only one who comes early among them.
I went to the gate man’s house to get my manager a seat so he sit down. He kept on checking the time and at the same time nagging and shouting. We was still sitting down when one of his client came. He became more angry since there is know means of entering inside his office.
I was busy watching him to know his next step when he called me.
Manager: rely!
Me: sir
Manager: you have to rush to my house now
Me: OK sir.
Manager: you will meet my wife, tell her to give you the key on my table.
Me: OK sir
He gave me the direction of his house after which he handed 500 naira to me for bike. His house is not that far from the company according to the direction he gave to me. I dashed outside the gate to look for a bike man. I had to trek to some extent before I saw a bike which took me to where I will board a bus.
I got to his house around 3:35pm. I knocked at the gate which alarmed the gate man on duty.
Gat man: how may I help you.
Me: I want to see madam.
Gate man: why
Me: your oga sent me
He allowed me inside after some series of questions. I met only madam at home. She is yellow, tall, very young and beautiful. She has small boobs with big booty. I greeted her while she left out a sweet smile.(*** see fine lips, this my oga they enjoy sha ooo***)
Me:yes, is on the table
Madam: give me a second.
I sat down in the sitting room while madam went upstairs to take the key. I took a glance around the room to see how beautiful the house is. I was looking at the TV when she came down from upstairs with a bounch of keys. She handed the key over to my hand and offered to drive me back.
Me: don’t worry ma, I will take a bike.
Madam: no, my husband is waiting outside, we need to be quick.
Me: OK ma.
She bent down to buckle her shoe, all her backyard was pointing towards my direction. The gown she was putting on was so tight that I easily see the lines of her pant. As she bent her A$$ towards my direction, my joystick started breathing fast.


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