Me: why did you live the door open while you are dressing.
Blessing: ( trying to cover her self) didn’t know that someone will come in..
Me: ( still looking at her boobs) but am in now, anyway that’s by the way. You look beautiful.****
Me: hello Bb
Bblondon: how are you baby
Me: am not your baby
Bblondon: anyway, I called to remind you of tomorrow. Don’t forget to visit me.
<<<<<<<<<<< EPISODE 18 >>>>>>>>>>>>
I slowly opened my eyes. The rays of the light in my room penetrated into my eyes which made it difficult for me to focus my sight on one spot. Yeah, is another good day, I licked my lips as i was glancing on my ceiling fan which was rotating so fast.
Me: dam, how on earth did i get my self on the floor. I remembered vividly that I slept on the bed last night after the encounter with Stella. Now am lying shamelessly on the floor. Yeah, I guessed I might have fallen off the bed. ***So irritating, old man like me. I hissed***
I stood up from the floor, I was about entering the bathroom to clean up when I glanced on my standing mirror. *** gush.. What the heck is on my mouth*** I murmured. I moved closer to the mirror, only to found out that it was a red paint. That must be Stella leaps tick. *** dam it, fake makeup girls everywhere*** I lamented as I was dressing back.
I did some press up and some other normal exercises before entering the bathroom. I was in the toilet removing some waste product when I had the ringing tone of my infinix phone. Who will be calling me this early morning if not Stella or Abimbola. I couldn’t reach my cell phone, probably I left it in my room or in the parlor. After deification, I had to locate my phone to know who the caller was.
I was wrong when I said it must be stella or Abimbola. It was Bblondon. I was about clicking the dial button to return her call when a message envelope appeared on my status bar. I opened it thinking it was one of those useless mtn messages. But I was wrong again. It was a short message from Bblondon.
Bblondon: you refused to pick up my calls, thats your own business and not mine. I will be waiting for you under oshodi bridge by 11:00am. Don’t keep me waiting.
God, what have I put my self into, only you knows that I didn’t mean to hurt Bblondon at the past. What is she gonna do this time. I went to the kitchen to prepare what am gonna eat before going to see Bblondon. I hurried everything I was doing so I can meet up because of traffic.
I was searching for a good cloth to wear when a picture fell off from the Waldrop. I broke down immediately I placed my sight on the picture. It was a picture of Ttech. It reminded me that a major part of me was missing . Up til now, know one knows his whereabout. His parent are already tired of crying. But I still have hope that very soon, my master planner gonna show. Though I can’t tell him about me and Bblondon if at all he was to be here, to avoid the consequences that follows it.
I returned the picture to the album, then embarked on what I was doing before I got distracted. Yeah, that’s it baby, my plane trouser and my white shirt is a go. What a nice combination. After dressing, I flashed my focus on my standing mirror to make some adjustment before leaving. *** you are good to go old man*** I gave my self some accolades.
I got to the bus stop were I was meant to take a bus going to oshodi. ThankGod, it was remaining only one chance to occupy when I arrived. I don’t need to wait for the bus to be filled up. That’s what I hate most, “waiting”. I was on Facebook when a call from Stella entered my cell phone.
Me: hello baby.
Stella: good morning sir, you said you will call me early this morning but you didn’t.
Me: am sorry about that baby, I was out of airtime that’s why. Am sorryyyy.
Stella: that’s OK, should I come over to you place this morning, am kind of bored right here.
Me: ooh, that won’t be possible honey.
Stella: ( with bedroom voice) why baby.
Me: am on my way to the company now, my boss summoned all the workers.
Stella: why, hope all is well?
Me: that I cant tell now until I get to the company.
Stella: OK then, do let me know when you are back
Me: sure baby, I will.
I got to oshodi around 10:45am because of the massive traffic around Cement — mangoro side. I highlighted from the bus and put Bblondon on call immediately to notify her of my arrival.
Me: am in oshodi now
Bblondon: that’s my baby boo, climb the pedestrian bridge, you will see me at the other side.
Me: OK
I did as she instructed. What da heck, I saw Bblondon coming towards me, she look so charming and sexy on her short blue gown. I stood still without altering a word as she approached me and gave me a hug. I felt her boobs resting on my chest.
Bblondon: can we go?

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