The walls were tied, there was option for hot and cold water, the WC was so neat and different from the one I have been seeing. The sound of the music playing inside the room was making me feel so emotional. I couldn’t do anything, rather I stood beside the door and watch Stella as water from the shower dropped down on her head. I felt my hardened joystick scratching the edge of the door. *** Yeah, is time to perform something original and magical***
I moved closer to Stella, i held her waist from behind. I felt her body has grown a little big bigger. Her booty was romancing my joystick from behind. The water was warm which I didn’t feel much comfortable with, I had to turn it off and change the switch to cold water. This time, she crossed her two hand on my shoulder and gave me a deep kiss of my life, I felt her two big nimples romancing my chest. I grabbed her ass and squeezed it. All the vain inside me was already out.
I positioned her boobs on the shower, water was dropping on my head as i was sucking her boobs. I felt something touch my joystick, ooh it was her hand. She kissed me down to my chest, then went further to lick my two nimple. I really like it when girls lick the dam nimple. She then continued to lick down to my stomach, finally to my joystick which was the end point.
She squat down and deep my joystick inside her vocal. She was eating it very well. One of her hand was busy romancing my two balls before she finally deep the balls inside her mouth. The sound of the music coming out from the room was so fascinating, It was really rhyming with the atmosphere. I grabbed her two boobs as she was still eating my joystick . I was really groaning because I was about to reach the point of cuming.
She stoop up and rested her back on the wall, I lifted one of her leg up, she held my shoulder with her two hand to support her balance while I mounted my joystick inside her [email protected] to drill the dam hole. I was bouncing in and out while she was moaning. This time, I increased the energy, I saw my self going in and out of [email protected] in just a second.
I felt her nails pinching my shoulder, I guess I am the real man to terrorize the dam pussy. After about three minutes on one leg up style. We decided to change to another style. I lifted her up to my chest, her two legs was crossed on my waist, which gave her [email protected] a clear chance to bounce on my joystick. I bleep her on that style before we changed to woman on top style. No suitable place inside the bathroom for the style, but the level of konji must find reasonable place for that.
I looked at the WC, *** yes, it must be a good site for the style***. I closed it immediately, sat on it, then rest my back on the small white tank beside the WC. She climbed on top of me, dipped my joystick inside her [email protected] She looked at me closed to 10 seconds before given me a kiss. After the kiss, she started rotating her [email protected] on my joystick. I was so amazed on that style, it was as if there was something scratching the mouth of my joystick inside her punny. I was moaning and groaning, my gasping increased rapidly.
She was still rotating her waist until I couldn’t hold it again, I had to cum inside her. We both returned back to the shower to clean up.

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