I hit my hand on one of the table as I was coming inside to draw her attention, while she turned back in a surprised manner, giving me all the clear view of her boobs and [email protected]
Me: why did you live the door open while you are dressing.
Blessing: ( trying to cover her self) didn’t know that someone will come in..
Me: ( still looking at her boobs) but am in now, anyway that’s by the way. You look beautiful.
Blessing: ( arranging her cloth) thanks..
Me: ( holding her hand) blessing you know, I….
I was still at the middle of my sentence when I had my managers voice.
Me: (robbing her palm in a romantic manner )I will be back..
I went out to meet my manager. He has already gone inside his office. I knocked up to three times before I had a respond to open the door.
Me: (prostrating) good evening sir
Manager: how are you rely
Me: am very good sir
Manager: hope there is know problem?
Me: not at all sir, I came to tender my greetings.
Manager: OK that’s very good of you
Me:( about turning back to leave)
Manager: before you go, take this money, go get me food from the eatery.
I looked at the lady sitting opposite my manager, she was putting on red gown, high heel and a black hand bag. She has been coming constantly to visit my manager. “I think my manager is playing away match. Anyway that’s not my concern”.
After buying the food, I returned to my position beside my managers office. I was busy observing blessing and I guess she noticed. I was mixing chemicals with my other colleagues when my manager called for my attention.
Me: yes sir
Manager: am going out now, make sure to lock my office before you go.
Me: (smilling) sure sir
I returned back to were I was immediately manager left. After working hour, blessing and I stroll down the street together gisting and laughing. We behave more or less a boyfriend and a girlfriend. She accompanied me to the place am going to take a bike. After which we bid fare well for the day.
I went straight to nearby eatery around Ikeja along. I bought rice alongside with chicken for Stella to eat when she arrive. I was about coming out from the eatery when my phone rang, it was Stella.
Me: hello baby
Stella: hi dear, I have entered Lagos, I will soon get home
Me: which side are you now?
Stella: oshodi
Me: OK, you are almost at home. Am at Ikeja along now, wanna go home and take my bath so I can come and see you.
Stella: baby no need of going, just wait for me there, we will drive home together.
I waited for her almost an hour. I didn’t get annoyed because I knew it was work of traffic. I was busy with my phone when she called me again.
Stella: where are you baby?
Me: (smile) beside the bridge, am standing on the railway.
Not up to a minute, I saw a young lady on black short top, bum short with a well packed hair coming towards me. Wow, my baby has grown so big and beautiful. We hugged each with a little romantic kiss, not minding where we are.
Stella: I have missed you a lot rely
Me: I missed you more baby..
Stella: now can we go?
Me: sure baby, let’s go…
Stella: what are you holding?
Me: is food I bought for you, I felt you might be hungry so I decided to get it for you.
Stella: ( move closer to me, gave me a kiss) you are such a Dearing, I love you so much.
Me:( isoright) I love you more baby.
We both entered the car and drove home. We got to her place around 7:43pm, there was no light so she had to put on the solar. After some romantic talk and play, she decided to eat her food, she insisted I must join her which I did, we were both happy when my phone started ringing. Unfortunately, she was with my phone
Me: who is that?
Stella: ( looked at me) who is Abimbola?
Me:(agbagam) Abimbola… She is among those looking for work in the company, I think she is calling to check if there is still vacancy..
Stella: ( trying to pick) no no no…don’t pick it, no need..
I was still trying to convince her, when the call ended. Though I succeeded in convincing her that Abimbola was looking for work. After eating, I watched her as she stroll down to her room, I was still sitting on my chair when she came out putting only red pant without bra…
Me: ( flabbergasted)
Stella: rely time to bath
Immediately, I stood up, draw my trouser prraaaa, then jumped inside the bathroom…


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