I have counted nothing less than seven different okada passed right in front of me. I was wondering what was keeping blessing. She AUT to know that I will be waiting for her. I know quite right that the gateman will be wondering what makes me to stand in front of the gate for so long. anyway, that’s not my problem now. I remembered that I haven’t talked to Ttech for the hold day. This is unlike him, even if I doesn’t call, he must surly call to check on me.
I picked my cell phone from my pocket and dialled his number. Still the same message I have been getting since morning. I dialled AY number immediately but it was also switched off. I guessed something was wrong. Up til now, blessing is yet to come. I decided to go home. I was walking down the street when a young boy drew my attention that someone was calling me. I made a 360 turn to see who the person was. ThankGod it was blessing who was running after me. I watched as her boobs was bouncing up and down as she was trying to catch up with me.
Me:( check my time) what kept you so long. This is 6:32pm.
Blessing:(gasping) am so sorry sir, I was chocked up with something.
Me: thankGod you saw me. Concerning your CV. I have made up my mind to help you.
Blessing:(smiling) thank you sir
Me: I want to design a new CV with some achievement inside. Make sure to be in the company by 4:00pm tomorrow so I can put you through incase if you are called to defend your self. Is that taken?
Blessing: yes sir.
I don’t even know why I was doing all this for blessing. After the conversation with her, I received a call from my manager to return back to the company. Though I was already feeling cranky but I had to obey the voice of my master. I turned back and head straight to the company, my manager was still busy with a Lady inside his office, who the lady is, is what I can’t say.
Manager: Mr rely, please take this to my wife. I have things to take care of now.
Me: OK sir.
He gave me a thousand naira for transport. I was on top of a bike when the thought of Bblondon strike my mind. I don’t know what she is planing for me this time. She has sealed my mouth not to discuss anything with my master planners. Anyway, I brought this to my self, am going to see to it alone.
I got to my manager’s mansion around 8:13pm, there was light in every corner of the house. The gateman ordered me to stay outside while she send the message across to my managers wife. I waited patiently outside until the gateman came out and told me to pop inside. I met my manager’s wife with her son in the parlor. She was putting on bum short and a top. I handed the stuff to her which she showed appreciation.
She offered to drive me home when I told her am about to go. Anyway, I didn’t turn down her offer, to be frank, that’s what I wanted. I got home around 9:07pm. I took my bath before rushing to Ttech’s place to know what was going on. I got to his apartment around 9:25pm, everywhere was crowded. Some people where even crying, Ttech door was open and know one was inside.
I don’t know when tears dropped down from my eyes to my chicks…

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