I was romancing my chicks with my right hand, checking if I had any swollen spot. My phone wasn’t giving me the clear view I wanted. I hand to unmounted my mirror from the wall. Thank God my face wasn’t disfigured.
I had a flash back on what happened yesterday between Abimbola, shadow, Rambo and I, how they collected my phone and wallet. Me and Abimbola was following both of them at their back and at the same time begging them to return my phone and wallet. I ordered Abimbola to go home but she refused.
Abimbola: I can’t live you here alone to suffer. If they wanna kill you, they have to kill me too.
After some begging, they had to empty my wallet and returned it with my phone. I thank them but still upset. I had no money with me because they collected on my money. Abimbola had to sponsor our transport.
I was still lost in thought when I remembered that it was Sunday morning. I stretched my body then went into the bathroom to prepare for Church. As a new born again, I have to attend church service early enough.
I got to Church around 6:53am. I attended the Sunday school. After the Sunday school, I met one of the usher, I told her my intention of joining the work force in the church. Am really determined to surrender my life to God. She told me to meet her after church service.
During the preaching hour. I was busy jolting some points down and some bible verses when my phone rang. I checked and it was the same number Dom G used to call me yesterday. I didn’t pick his call and likewise he didn’t ceased to call back. I later made up my mind to pick it up
Dom G: baby why are you not picking up my calls.
Me: ( I was tempted to tell him not to call me baby again but I remembered what Ttech said, “play along”) am in the Church that’s why.
Dom G: oooh I forgot, am sorry for disturbing you love. Just wanna confirm the time we are moving out today.
Me: 5:00pm will be OK by me.
Dom G: that’s nice love.
Me: am coming along with my brother.
Dom G: that’s not necessary love. It just you are me. I will give you what ever you want.
Me: my brother is a cool guy, in fact he understands more than I do. I bet you, you will like him when you see him.
Dom G: is all right baby, anything for you. So where do I pick you guys up?
Me: I think we have to meet in front of the Church we met the other night.
Dom G: that’s good. Talk to you later. Love you..
I dropped my cell phone on my laps as soon as the call ended,I bent my head down and started deliberating on whether the game am playing is a good one for a child of God like me. Though i knew i was just doing that because of Ttech.
After church service, I met the same lady about my intention of joining the work force in the Church. She told me that I have to pass through some training before I can become a worker in the church. I accepted to start the training next Sunday. I was happy with my self at least am progressing.
I got home after the service, I had to do all my cooking and washing before 5:00pm. After cooking and every other things, I checked the time and it was already 3:15pm. I decided to take a chill pill. I was about to close my eyes when Ttech call entered my cell phone.
Me: what’s up bro
Ttech: rely baba I dey ooo. How far the parol.
Me: which parol?
Ttech: Dom G nah
Me: we are going around 5:00pm.
Ttech: perfect time, I will be at your place around 4:30pm
After the call, I slept off until my phone ringing tone woke me up. I checked the caller, i found out it was rubbish airtel network. I checked the time, it was already 4:38pm and Ttech is yet to come. I dashed into the bathroom. Prepare my self and wait for Ttech arrival. Not less than ten minutes after my preparation, Ttech presence was noticed in my domicile.
We both headed to the vanue where we can meet Dom G. We waited for about twenty minutes before we saw someone inside Siena car waving for us.
Ttech: is that him?
Me: yes.

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