After pondering on how meeting Dom G will look like, I dropped my phone on the dinning table and went on with my food. I was already getting the food downsized when my phone rang. I checked it and it was from Abimbola. I smiled while picking her call.
Abimbola: crying
Me: ( droped the EBA that am holding) baby what is it? Why are you crying. Who beat you?
Abimbola: some guys is harassing me here.
Me: which guys? Who are they?
Abimbola: I don’t know them.. They have been following me since. They said I most follow them or else they will beat me up.
Me:( boiling inside..) Follow them to where?
Abimbola: I don’t know, please come because this guys won’t live me if anyone didn’t come for my rescue.
Me: where are you now?
Abimbola: am at Adebola close.
Me: ( chaii.. That lonly place) how many do you say they are?
Abimbola: just two baby..
Me: eeehn just two.. Nah waa ooo…OK am coming now..
Abimbola: please do fast baby before they start caressing me.
Me: tell them that am coming, if any of them touch you, I swear I will kill that person and go to jail. Am ready for them. They are stupid to have followed you. Am on my way.
Abimbola: that’s my baby…
As I was about to drop the call, I had a thick voice from the background saying ” we are waiting for you” . I got scared immediately but I don’t have to abandon my Abimbola there. I have to be the man she wished for. I washed my hand immediately then took my wallet and phone. I locked the door then went outside and wave for a bike my to take me to Adebola close where Abimbola is. I saw Abimbola standing in between two guys. The guys are quite bigger than me in size. I wanted to tell the bike man to take me back as I saw those guys but Abimbola has already saw me so there is know way I can turn back. I highlighted from the bike with a strong face.
Me: baby is this the guys?
Abimbola: yes baby.. They kept me here over two hours now.
Me: for what, are you guys stupid? No, am asking you guys a question. Don’t you guys know that she is my baby.
Abimbola: tell them, look at them. They can’t talk again.
Me: why will they talk when am here, are they mad?
I was busy shouting and ranting so that I can draw people’s attention. But people seems not to be coming. I increased my voice but still yet people didn’t come. All this while I have been shouting, ranting and panting, this guys didn’t say anything. They was busy looking at me. I was about to drag Abimbola out of that place when one of them said..
1st guy: (with cracked voice) Rambo see this guy just they here they voice English for us oo. Weting make we do am.
Me:( turned to Abimbola) what did he just call the other guy now?
Abimbola: Rambo!
Me: are you sure?
I was about turning back to face those guys. I don’t even know whether it was slap, stone or iron rod landed on my face. I felled on the ground, everywhere got blurred immediately. I was hearing ” give him another slap joor, Rambo I said give him another slap”. Though I wasn’t seeing them because the slap they gave me was very heavy and if I continue sitting on the floor there, am sure another heavy slap is coming again. So I had to manage and talk.
Me: bros wetting I do unah nah.
Rambo: so you know fit speak English again abi..
Abimbola: please live him, what do you guys want please..just..
Me: (cut in) baby are you stupid, why will you beg them? For what?
Rambo: so you still get mouth to open abi. Shadow give me that stone there.
Shadow: let me take this big one.. We will kill you today, shebe you get mouth.
I stood up and face them, I was ranting on top of my voice. I was already angry and at the same time, I was wishing that people can just come around and settle us. I was still busy ranting, then I went on to try something different. I tried to slap the one in front of me, as I threw my hand forward, my hand bounced back with a lot of pains, that’s when I remembered that I have been talking to the mango tree standing in front of me.
The slap Rambo gave me was really enough to confuse my brain.
Rambo: shadow search this boy and collet everything that is with him let’s get out of here.
Me: please sir, wetin I do nah…
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