I was Groving to the melody when I had a voice saying excuse me. I turned back to see the heart cut at the first time but I picked courage to talk to the guy.
Me: hi
Guy: my name is Dominic but people call me Dom G.
Me: am rely.
Dom G: what a nice name. I love the name.
Me: thanks
Dom G: do you stay around here?
Me: no but my domicile is not that far from here
Dom G: wow, I will like us to be friends. What do you think?
Me: you have no problem.
Dom G: maybe you should give me you Facebook ID so we can talk better there.
I reluctantly gave him my ID because of Ttech. I went back to my dancing position. It was 1:30am and am already dozing off. I went to the toilet to wash my face so the sleep can vanish. I returned back to the auditorium but I couldn’t find Dom G again. I felt he has gone home. The main pastor was invited to come and preach for the last time. He preached till 5:30am when he decided to make an alter call. This was the part that really made me attain the night vigil. I was the second person to reach the alter. Pastor told us to confess all our sins which everyone one of us was busy praying and some were shading tears.
After our own prayers which lasted for a couple of some minutes. The pastor prayed for everyone one of us. I started feeling like a saint from that moment. I waited till 6:00am before going home. I located my bed then I went for a missionary journey.
I woke up around 1:00pm very hungry, I opened the freezer and brought out equsi soup. After setting the food on the dinning table. I was about putting the first round inside my mouth when I heard my phone notification tone. I quickly dipped the round ball of EBA inside my mouth then picked up phone.
It was Facebook friend request notification. I opened my Facebook, I saw three friend request but the one that drew my attention was the one coming from Dominic DomG IV. I vividly remembered the name. I accepted the friend request living the other two behind. Not more than 10minutes that I accepted the friend request, I had a message from the same Facebook ID. I opened my messenger to check the message.
Dom G: is me Dominic, the guy you met in the Church.
Me: ooh how are you?
Dom G: am good. I must really confess, you are very cute.
Me: thanks
Dom G: can you cope with me?
Me: what do you mean by that..
Dom G: can i take care of you?
Me: no problem then. If you want to.
Dom G: will you have chance tomorrow so we can hangout in one eatery and talk more.
Me: that will be OK..
Dom G: OK .. Can I have your digit so I can put you on call?
Dom G: thanks a lot. I love you
Me: ( me?… Abeg how much is pampas).


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